Tuesday, February 24, 2009

perfect relaxation

WARNING!!! totally random stuff ahead!!!!! don't read if you kenot tahan reading bout people's lazy n pointless life~ no seriously xD


hmm....can't wait for holidays~~~ 

sleep in late~ wake up late~~ no worries about food~~~ (of course all the situation mentioned is when i'm back home xD) endless days of watching Grey's Anatomy on bed~drooling over Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy xD rofl! laughing at the silliness of the interns~ and scream over the stupidity of the residents~ with the blanket on...puffy pillows, and decent food... 

play playstation... finish up Persona3 and 4 in 1 week~ (which is quite impossible fer me xD) watch movies~ flip through channels of tv shows with a glass of fruit juice by my side. and sleep on the sofa... (i can barely remember how sofa look like ORZ) wake up to the sound of my niece calling me and poking my face asking me to help her open some chocolate bar or something. Joking with my parents, get scolded by them (I do find it amusing actually xD) whenever i don't do any house chores *cough* joking with my sisters~ stare at my little brother doing his stuff lazily~ disturb my dad sleeping by jumping on the bed n snuggle up close to him... annoy my mum with my lack of feminine some random jokes and listen to my family's laughter (well my sister did mention that the house is quiet without me around xD pfft~ OF COURSE!!)

not worrying about spending money... pick whatever I wanna drink whenever we're dining out~ (somehow i brought along my habit of ordering cheap drinks even if my parent is around xD LOL or sometimes not ordering any drinks and just food) watch my dad work in the backyard, listening to him talk eventhough i'm sleepy while he is driving~ (nobody wanna listen to him ma~ so evil like that ORZ so i listen lo ) 

wake up at 6am, play the piano till breakfast is ready, eat, and play again (eventhough i suck at it xD) read 1 book per day... and just linger around doing nothing~ LOL


xD OMG!!!!! I can feel the lazy aura all over this post man!!!!!! can you just see how lazy I am? lalalala~ behold!!! the truth! xD

but I need to err...REDUCE *cough* all this if I'm gonna try and survive the industry out there. can't be...too...."laid back" *rolleyes*

so yes...
 BE MORE RAJIN IFA!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! 

i miss my family _-_ ORZ (so shy if they read this LOL!!! lalalalallala) xD

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