Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nadeshiko Club

Reo-chan, a first year girl, gets dumped by her boyfriend because she’s not skilled in the home economic traits women should possess in his mind. Her ex tells her that she must apply to a home economics club before he reconsiders going out with her. Therefore, Reo-chan has little choice but to join. But there’s a catch: the only members are four gorgeous bishies. The other first year in the club, Irinaka, competes with her a lot. As the story progresses Reo and Irinaka get forced into a lot of interesting situations together and, in the meantime, become closer and closer.


yesssss more shoujo manga!!! 8D I came to like this one. It's filled with comedy, friendship, life stories, romance and school life. Not only does the drawing looks...well...cute to me, but the story and the message that the manga-ka tried to say is quite clear and very good for those who still can't decide on what path to choose after they finish studying. The main girl character reminds me a lot of myself haha xD somehow i can see the similarities (except that she got a boyfriend....CHIEEEH!!! and she got dumped before~ lalala~)

so yeah...that's my manga pick for today!!! 8D

status : on going (7 volumes all in on the 5th volume now)
scanlated : Perfect Illusion (and it's an active project!)

can't wait!!! >w<

now off to work! OTL

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