Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rabu kue manga

well i'm not really the type that'll post about mangas and animes and stuff coz i only post that kind of topic when i feel there's something worth to talk about. so... today i'm gonna share this BL (BOYS LOVE) manga with you guys!! 8D


This manga starts off with Akabane being sucked into a different world with a guy named Moriya and run into a girl who is a fighter named Marion. Apparently, only between the exchange of body fluids (i can't stop laughing when i read this words xD body fluids...LOL!!! ) between the two boys can power her up to fight against various monsters attacking. 

Mangaka : Hoshino Lily (I LOVE!!!!)
Genre : BL, shounen ai... (i wonder if it'll reach yaoi level in the future O_O '' hope not! OAO)
Status : Ongoing
Volume : 4chapters...

DON'T WORRY!!!! no explicit content inside!! trust me! the "exchange body fluids" (ROFL) can be quite deceiving! xD hahahahha!!! (not to forget hot megane guy!!(guy wearing specks!! 8D homg!! )

this is just the type of manga that can spark up my interest in drawing manga again!! i just don't know why!!! but i feel very 'bersemangat' to draw manga when i read this manga!!! yes! THIS MANGA ROCKS!!!!! can't wait for the latest chapter to be released!!! ;w;

YAY!!!!! 8D

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