Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More like "Being an a*sh*le"

Being Nasty, Saja Mau Cari Pasal

As always I was having my meal alone again, at some food court in some shopping complex. I was not in my best of mood. It is more like a state of mood I am in most of the time.

There is this lady who came near my table asking for permission to take some empty chairs over to her table.

Lady, pointing to the empty chair: Ada orang ke? (”Is there someone?” *in Bahasa Malaysia)

Me: Lei kong mat chat? (”What are you talking about?” *in rude Cantonese)

In Malaysia, most Malays cannot understand the Chinese language. However, most other races can understand and speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia. The Malays are often very reluctant to speak in other languages than theirs. Even if they speak in the English Language, they will have accent, with their own flow and generous fare of lah’s. I am not in the mood to make her understand, not this time.

The lady was taken back slightly and looks quite surprise at my response. Somehow she summed up her courage to ask again.

Lady, pointing to the empty chair: Ada orang ke? (this time much louder)

Me: Ni Mah Ter. Ni suo seh meh? (Some vulgarities and “What are you talking about?” *in Mandarin)

She scoffs and walks off.

Moral of the story? There is none actually, just fed up.

aurelia put this link in twitter -->
which belongs to a guy who posted that thing up there u_u ;

I'm really pissed by this guy... He's a jerk that have no self respect. I mean like...what's the point of him doing that to the lady? (at least he addressed her LADY =_= ) Is it just me or can i sense some hint of racism in this act? It is clearly an insult to this lady. What would you feel if something like this happened to you!!!?? 

This BRILLIANT act of his I think is one of the reason why people with a particular race scrutinizing other races. VERY BRILLIANT move *applause* childish... seriously i was shock that this type of human being really do exist!! (hey.. i know there's A LOT of rude jerks out there...but this is the 1st time i really encounter a guy like this...) and he even blogged about it!!! Is he proud of his act?! homg =_= Malaysia will be a more decent country without this type of human roaming around. what da fish =_= and what's the point of opening a blog if all you wanna do is telling the whole world you have a very very very depressing/ irritating life?!!! how can you not be like that if your attitude itself is rotten enough? what's the point of passing others your depressed life?!!! geez!! wake up man!! if you wanna seek attention, there's a more decent and respectable way of doing it!!!! it disgust me...

Reading his blog is a waste of time =_=. I don't even wanna reply on his blog!! feel like slapping him in the face and feed him with the food called "respect". 

p/s O_O i hope this post looks ok in window's computer. somehow when i edit this, the words became huge!! O_O lol!


  1. wah xD at first i read i thought it was you who said that. luckily i read on to find that it was that jerk :P

    really no respect and cow sense lol.

  2. xD obviously it was not me doing this immoral stuff man!!! I won't do something so low like that u_u ;;

    he is such a jerk!!! even cow got better sense man!!!!!!!! OAO like homg!!!

  3. bastard rite. he's obviously got a problem with everything and everyone. maybe he had a traumatic childhood. zzz.