Monday, January 19, 2009

WEB DESIGN2 - sitemap n moodboard

So this is the site map for the website that i'm gonna redesign for Anakku. I cut down some of the pages and took the ones that i think is important (and lesser for me to do xD running out of time people!!!!!! OAO )

*LOOK!!! a colored sitemap!!! homgwtfbbqayamasakkari*

and this is the moodboard. I've been thinking of making the web look more friendly and soft. More organic designs perhaps? but i have to keep reminding myself that this is a commercial web =A= ; so can really put a lot of childish elements now can I? so maybe I'll just change all the human pictures with hand drawn ones? well except for certain parts. Well i'm not sure yet!! lets see what the lecturers will say after critic today.

*make use of the branding color xD*

p/s Pirates of the Caribbean sountrack is SUPER AWESOME!!! d(O_O)b makes me feel so CEMAS! LOL!

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