Monday, January 19, 2009


For my final project in this class, i will be doing a redesign job for anakku website. Here is how the original web look like :


So... :

-Basically, In this project, i'm gonna redesign the clients website. The layout for the webpages needs a new refreshing & interesting look. But it won't stray far from the corporate or the branding identity color schemes. 

-The website is quite user friendly. Just that there are some broken links problem, and there should be a control over the song playing on the main page which keeps on repeating non stop.
-Links for competitions related stuff should be more interesting and eye catching so that people will want to click it. Maybe add some flash elements?
-The "customer care hotline" at the bottom are a bit hard to read because of the color.

-This brand is a middle class position. Can be afforded by everybody.
-This brand is a home grown brand that has become so widely accepted. The wide range baby product, built on a strong, solid foundation of premium quality, safety and reliability can be found in most department store and major retail chains as well as having their own boutique.
-They also ventured to include a more comprehensive product range by introducing fashion war for babies and toddlers, feeding equipment, toiletries, diapers, accessories, strollers, playpens and more.
-As it grew, it realized the need to exceed expectations by featuring a one-stop baby center, thus a chain of anakku boutiques were established.

-Emphasize more on the highlight section, especially the new product available. For now the new product promotion page is the same like the normal product page.

-The target audience for the web is basically parents. The web provides information such as info on baby needs and other additional items to help your in raising your kids.
-They also gave services such as franchising for those who are interested. So the user will have a connection to not only the products but also the website.


- Can't understand the web. Should have english version of it so can have a wider target market.
- Words size are a bit small
- Product info consist of the price and discount price (if got)
- Can sort out the products according to colors which is an interesting way to interact with the audience.

- Product page not consistent
- Color of links (top right hand corner) not consistent. A bit hard to see which one is the visited link
- Link for "FORUM" directs user to the products/what's new. Confusing.
- There's nothing on the "LATEST PROMOTION" page
- But other than that, the colors are quite nice. Background pattern is interesting plus some additional toys around the border gives user some idea of what the site is about.

- Honestly, I think Johnson & Johnson's website is nice
- There's a search bar on top of the web
- 1 line of red where the main links are put on gives more focus to the user & easy navigation
- The "consumer product" par could be more interesting though

- Not consistent web page
- Designs are all over the place. Makes it look messy
- Information on products were made in JPEG format and were not properly arranged.
- The baby logo keep on blinking. (no point in making it blink)
*i think by the time i finished this one... somebody just updated the web. so it looked different but still... not much difference* 



- Vibrant colors

- Stated all the products there is

- Easy navigation

- A bit of flash here and there to make the web livelier

- There's also games for user to play


- I LOVE J.CO! 8D *cough*

- Very nice navigation on the main page (using donuts!! so clever! *_*)

- Information on the products are available

- Easy navigation

- There's a simple animation on each page to make the pages more lively


- Chanel~ mmm~ <3

- Nice choice of color for the web. It made the whole thing look so elegant (and of course, expensive)

- Clear navigation

- Can pick the product that you want + an even detailed look on the product. There is also information given on the product but there's no price mention. (well, we all know it is expensive whether or not they put the pricing)

- A very clear navigations
- a very interesting pictures shown on pages to not only fill in the space, but show the product as well
- A very clear information on the products
- An easy "contact us" forms were also provided!


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- - (random search xD)

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YUP!!! THAT'S IT!!! now.. i have to find some ideas for my web!! 8D

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