Tuesday, January 13, 2009

of music and cds

Just wanna show off something xD 

So today after a very very deep consideration (not really actually xD) I finally had my hands on DAVID ARCHULETA'S 1st ALBUM!!!! YAY!!! Bought it at Speedy with aurelia (Tower record sudah sold out man OAO) the harga was...err... i think somewhere between RM32++ I think xD hahaha!!! I can die a happy fangirl now. LOL!

TAADAAAH!!!! DAVID ARCHULETA CD!!! 8D (ignore the messy table)

A small pin up. 8D there's other picture on the other side... lazy to take picture of it...I can't BELIEVE it's hard to find picture of the album inside out online! OAO

Seriously i never knew that David Archuleta exist until after orilia told me xD but i still didn't take any interest or even wanna know who this guy is. But after his 1st debut single Crush came out... it was like a thunder strike!!! and I'm a fan now 8D LOL! love at 1st site! dun really happen to me often. in fact... I think there's only 3 artist that i fell for on the first site... MIYAVI, MINUIT and DAVID ARCHULETA xD wth!!! yup...big impact...big big impact u_u 

Nice voice, nice look, certainly love the way he smile xD


p/s ate Baskin robin with orilia n karo. Choco mint flavour taste ok O_O surprisingly. (not really a fan of mint based product. They taste like toothpaste to me =_= ) I wan banana strawberry flavour!!! OAO ;

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