Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i'm sooo not thinking about assignments, money, and why the heck should I bother about world crisis now?! I am grinning from ear to ear and I think it'll stretch even further if I don't stop it this instance... BUT HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO STOP???!!!!! WHEN I GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!????????

MONG HWAN BAEK SEO manhwaaaa!!!
or also known as Jade of Bango

yes.. i am grinning...from ear... ROFL

Look at how THICK it is!!! and it's only rm44.90!! ...did I mention that it's THICK?!!
(it's combination of vol.1 and 2 actually)

IN MU MY LOVE!!!!!! 
he's the guy with the black hair at the top! isn't he just...*swoon* KYIAA!

It really is a HUGE surprise when i saw this on the shelf in Borders at the Gardens, MALAYSIA!!! MALAYSIAAAA??!!!!! *shock* Actually I almost wanted to get myself a copy of Rabu Kue (the yaoi manga i wrote about in my blog recently *AHEM*) but when I saw this...I said to myself... "even die also must buy!!!!!!" SO TAADAAAHH!!!!! ;w; I.AM.SO.HAPPY!!!! aaaaa~

This is the 1st ever manhwa that really captures my attention. Especially with the character design!!! like H.O.M.G.!!! I still remembered, during highschool, I used to put the magazine that was showing this manhwa beside my pillow just for the sake of hoping to have a dream about the main character!! ;3; (hey hey hey!! we're talking bout form1 or form2 here!! I don't do those kind of stuff anymore *blush* well actually it depends LOL....i am hopeless OTL ; ) 

ANYWAY!!! It was published by Tokyopop (liek finally pfft..) and the first Tokyopop printing for this book is like August 2008!!! HOMGWTFBBQAYAM!!! I AM SOOOO GONNA KEEP MY EYES OPEN ON THE NEXT VOLUME!!!! ;A; i envy Korean people.... For sure they have read until volume 15...YES!!!! It's on VOLUME 15!! AND STILL ON GOING! AND VOLUME 16 IS COMING OUT SOON! BLAST!!! ;A; I guess I just have to be patient ;3; *sigh* ..........

Yup... it's official... I can die a great-satisfied-overwhelmed-overly joyed- FANGIRL!!!! *dies* 


  1. lend me!!!
    i wanna see...=D
    ada bishi~

    btw, i missus u! X3 let's continue our date during marketing class again..haha

  2. akdhaskjdhaskdhakjshl!! *A*
    omgomgomg!!! so dats the ori title? WAWAWWAWAWAWWAWA!! I WANT ONED TOOOOO---! TAT I missed Enn Mu su muchoo~~ T3T Nak tunggu gempakstaz nye translation lembab giler. ;A;

  3. JUDY!!!!!<3 : CAN!!!!! 8D I love this manhwa soooo much! the main charac is AWESOME! xD date date!! xD hahaha!

    miyu: yeap~ that's the ori title xD In Mu is HAWT!! Dah lama nao tinggalkan Gempak =A= ; tak berminat... slow giler...and errgghh.. i dunno how to say lol! xD

    go buy it lah! xD

  4. .....rm44.90... *dies* I know it's thick kedo,,,, pokai lah myu klu camni! D: I spent a lot on presents these days.. @A@