Monday, January 26, 2009

axis power hetalia


ok...i'm sooooo sorry for this post... but i just gotta show the whole world! xD ; got hints of boy x boy .. well...maybe not hints..ahem! but yeah~ (what can i say.... i'm a fangirl) but only for the 1st video xD ahem!

it's from the "controversial" anime Axis Power Hetalia xD the anime just went on air recently. As u can see... all the character were created based on a country..UK, US, Korea, Russia, etc xD it's a very interesting thing to indulge in. so yeah! 

anyway... i love the artwork for this video 8D


{ Hetalia x Lucky Star }

THIS!!! is a must watch LOL!!! look at all the country dancing xD

ahem.. me n JN been discussing about it lately. If this anime were out during our school time, we'd score even awesome marks for histories related to the world LOL! this anime is it's own way xD ;; swt

{ 1st ep of the anime }

PASTAAAAAAAAA!!! ish shoooo cute!

{ awesome clip }

Isn't Japan and Uk sooooo cool! 8D wheee

so yeah~~ i'm gonna keep my eye open for the anime xD yeap!


totally unrelated to any of those things up there...

Suzumiya haruhi... homg i can't BELIEVE i'm posting it up here!!! I'm not even a fan!! but this is just....AWESOME! OAO look at the movement of the fingers! *faint* oh...and awesome song xD

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