Saturday, January 29, 2011


8D n i meant both chinese new year, and just new year. LOL!! may all of you guys have a prosperous year ahead!! just like how spock used to say it "live long & prosper" LOL!! ... i don't know why, but I always make use of spock when it comes to this sort of stuff! LOOLL!! so have some spock 1st before i continue

LOL! spock is cute XD

So today I've finished my commission!! Q v Q I am happy, i can die OTL so now quite free. still contemplating on whether I should open free art/sketch request slots for February. I figured I need to do a lot more original art man -facepalm- too much fan/requests is somehow limiting my creativity... WELL i'm not even sure if I have any to begin with LOOOLLLL!!!! but I enjoyed doing requests : ( I guess I'll thnk more about it. see how it goes haha

i realized i did a lot of headshots/half body drawings and now i'm slowly doing fullbody too. does that mean I'm improving? D: I really hope I am. how i used to avoid doing fullbody since i suck at it. I will try and improve slowly. GO IFA GO!!!

I don't do new year's resolution, but I do hope I can achieve some stuff this year. I really hope I can improve more! like MORE!!!! and I hope I will learn a lot more this year compare to the previous one. and plz oh plz!! let me get enough funds for a ps3!! OH PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!

ok. last but not least :

p/s some friends of mine can't help wondering what the kid really is holding behind his back... he's actually holding a knife. overall, its a pretty bloody ending, but a steaming pot of good rabbit stew can make even you forget what happened earlier 8D -winks-

OK THAT WAS A JOKE!! XD HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! he's holding the rabbit tail. REALLY!! HAHAHHA!

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