Thursday, January 6, 2011

this and that 2~

yeah, i'm THAT lazy to find a proper title for this entry HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

nothing much I wanna update. wanted to post up some pictures, but my camera is not with me :T so I guess, i'll just update on my work. sigh.

but 1st~ I saw this while browsing thru dA T____T

I know it's nothing great. but knowing that people would actually look at my work, and even feature it in their group, I AM HAPPY ;______; SOOOBBBSSSS!!!! OK! on to the next one!!

as usual, every month I'll make sure to open slots for art/sketch requests. Here are those for January :D

ugh. i seriously need to brush up on my background =_= wanted to draw more buildings!!! ;_______; but... everytime i wanna do it, my hands felt as if they were underneath a huge anvil LOL!!!! pfffttt excuses!!! OK!! I WILL PRACTICE MORE! OAO/

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  1. lol ur work was featured somewhere? That's nice. :D ganbatte and happy new year Nao~ XD