Monday, June 15, 2009

hair hair hair

my goodness... this week has been the most busy week i have ever had in my entire life!!! (so far...)

get a couple of hours of decent sleep, but it's not enough. There's this sorta big presentation tmrw, where people from the industry will come and have a listen. It's actually quite ridiculous when you think about it. Just because of this blardy competition, our life schedule has been altered almost completely!! less sleep, more brain tweeking, less sleep, and less sleep =_= i need a beauty sleep. I can almost sense my hair getting all limp and wiry, if that is even possible in the same time. (rambut dah keras semacam dah ni =_= ;)

tips to a healthy hair... well... the host punya body have to be healthy too! WHICH i doubt i have... not that I'm THAT healthy to begin with anyway =_=

feel like cutting my hair... and have bangs. but i wonder if it'll suit my face shape. (muka bulat seperti bulan purnama kehkehkeh) xD round face shape suits what type of hairstyle i wonder... certainly not bob style. My hair is too think and it'll get puffy everytime and even worst when I woke up from bed! O_O envying hanis zalikha for having awesome hair... cis. so i've decided to keep my hair longer. maybe I should trim it a bit... plus bangs~ ahaha! but i'll keep it pass my shoulder... i think.

on other notes... finally burned my motion graphic!!!! GOSH if i ever see motion graphic again... i'll get into a seizure. ugghh...

so tired *yawn*

right!! on to the olympus storyboard pula =_= blardy hell... ish...

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