Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ifa's life : principle i live by

when i was 17 years old, I always had problems coping with my studies especially those math and science related subjects. until 1 point, where i just don't care about all the things that we learned in class. No matter how hard i try, i just can't achieve the level that i've been dreaming of. 

I never pass my additional math subject and honestly, the highest score that i have ever obtain was 1... or was it 2 for that subject and don't let me start on my physics...(tho i get better marks for it than add math xD) I dislike the subject so much because i couldn't catch up like some of my friends do. I keep asking, and asking questions in class, until the verge of tears, because you feel more self conscious every second. the way your friends look at you, the way your teacher look at you like you're some birdbrain who just can't understand anything! try imagining yourself raising up your hand, asking questions with tears gathering on your eyes. straining your voice, so that it doesn't sound croaked.

 I tried, and tried, until i reached the point where I think I am a failure and started being ignorant towards my education. (eventhough I'm still maintaining my...position in the class u_u ; i'm just lucky and thankful to god for giving me a logical thinking brain) so to be frank, most of the test and exam, i answered using my logical way of thinking.

until 1 day, after an mid term exam, I pull up my courage and asked my dad a question, "what if I fail?" and his answer is simple, but it gave me an impact untill I decided to use it as one of the principle that will guide me throughout my life.

"kegagalan adalah kejayaan yang tertangguh" .... which means "failure is a delayed success" for those who can't really understand xD

from there onwards, I don't care if I fail as long as I know that I've tried what I can. if you loose an opportunity in something, there's even a wider chance for you to discover out there! if not now, maybe later. without failure, people won't improve. but of course we have to try our best not to fail in the 1st place.

so there ya go people. I know some of you guys who joined the Olympus competition, are having trouble in managing your schedule, even some of the groups didn't have anything to show for presentation tomorrow. but look on the bright side! it's not like the world will come to it's end if you didn't join this competition. It is no doubt a great platform for us all to get some exposure, but there's a LOT more chances and opportunity out there.

so cheer up!!! and try to think positively~ it's much better than doing the opposite of it~ *winks*

p/s *inhale*....... OLYMPUS!!!! OAO BLAAAAARRRDY HEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! 

8D yeap~

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