Tuesday, June 30, 2009


have you guys ever heard of each human will have 7 similar face throughout the whole world? so that means there will be 7 people somewhere around the globe that share's similar features with you. hahaha.

well i guess some other people~~~ found 1 of that person which shares an almost similar face with me. yes. I didn't even realize it you know =_=  figures. sheesh.

who is that person? well... impressively it's Zee Avi one of my favourite singer. also known as kokokaina. I've wrote about her in 1 of my blog post before actually... check it out.

so here's some of her pictures. I leave it to you guys to judge whether i really look like her or not hor~ aih... 

(insisting that i don't really look like her... but somehow i do look a bit like her... a bit... wow.. i'm confused _-_ ;;)

this is zee avi btw. picture taken from... google search _-_ ; heh heh

bukan... ini bukan gambar saya...

ini saya screenshot dari youtube 8D

it's zee avi

i swear she look prettier =_= and fairer... and longer and curlier hair... and she knows how to play guitar, and she doesn't wear tudung xD and she's talented and more famous than me. hahahahha!!

aaaa.... =_= and her english is better than mine =3= ish to me...

me.. =_= 



the things that i'd do just for comparison =_= ;

well... those who know me... you know lah what i look like _-_ ; you tell me whether i look like her or not... so far there's like, 5 person agreeing to this fact u_u so yeah...

OH WELL!!! 8D tralalalala~~

p/s i got bigger eyes? 8D


  1. hey u have bigger eyes, nose and mouth almost similar, shape of the face slightly diffent.

    70% similar to me :D

  2. hahahaha!! 70% wtf! xD so banyak! LOL!