Wednesday, July 1, 2009

m-flo 10th anniversary

seriously, i don't like people who blog without considering other peoples' feeling and how it can affect them. sometimes, when you really had a bad day, and you really feel like doing a serious face slapping bitching session on your blog, you tend to forget about how it will affect the circle of community you are in. so, i'm not saying bitching without filtering in your blog post is illegal or something, but cost and consequences. cost... and consequences.

well, my college life is getting even hectic-er now. can basically say, there's meeting almost EVERYDAY! even when i thought of it, i can feel my head swooning. sometimes i even have to do 2 meeting on the same day, and same time. quite fun actually, minus all the! =_= i just don't feel like talking about it. no point. waste of time. waste of blog space. can't wait for this bloody h...term to finish. yeah!

rite. put that aside... M-flo is going to celebrate their 10th anniversary 4 days from now!!! wooOOOooooOOOooo can't wait! they officially opened a youtube account just for this memorable event 8D and put up mostly i think, of thier music and videos!!! how awesome can that be!! 8D I get to watch music videos that i've never watch before!! 8D i can feel my blood boiling! xD

Taku Takahashi and Verbal

I've been a fan of m-flo since god knows when and still am and always will be! ever since i heard them for the first time, i immediately fell in love with them~! their song will always sound fresh and up to beat eventhough its a few years back production.

well, the conclusion here is, for those doesn't know m-flo, jump of a building please! xD it's a joke ok!!!! xD just check em out~

m-flo 10th anniversary youtube channel

m-flo 10th anniversary website

some vids~~

10th anniversary special video~~

I love their music videos~! very... happening, funky, colorful... nice lah! ish! xD

emily looks hawt with her fedora 8D

omg~ i swear i melted everytime verbal and kreva raps!! *fainted*

yeap!! 8D i think 3 videos is enough lah~ + one 10th anniversary special video.


p/s sick and tired of assignments... aaaa... can't argue here u_u

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