Thursday, July 9, 2009

what a blardy hell of a day

this post supposed to be finished 2 days ago u_u but due to some circumstances... it'll be done today instead xD

let me tell the good news 1st...

i'm done with 3D for Multimedia Design project 1 & 2 presentation today!! which is a very HUGE relief since we spent like the WHOLE night doing it like there's no tomorrow. and end up comparing on who got the biggest eye bags in the morning before going to school. We got pretty awesome feedbacks from the lecturer on our overall poster submission (1st project) where he told us we did a great job on it~ *applause*

xD but the fun thing was during presentation, everybody was laughing at the animatic (2nd project) that i did. wtf. well, it was ment to be funny anyway~ so yeah~ xD it was quite fun to do it too. so anyway, here is my poster...

modeled a character from Oda Eiichiro's One Piece manga. haha. my fav character among all. got a lot of kecacatan... but i just have to move on man u_u have to accept the fact that there other work to do other than this piece here.

RIGHT!!! let's move on!!! bad news, i'm getting even poorer than usual, good news, bought my 1st KLUE magazine ever and guess what, THERE'S A 1 PAGE PICTURE OF VERBAL from M-FLO INSIDE!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! and he is actually coming to Malaysia to perform with Teriyaki Boyz in Zouk KL this 1st of August. more bad news, can't enter the Zouk Heineken bar unless you're 21 years old and above and i am not 21 yet pfft,  heineken bar=alcohol=what if people spill the drink on me!!! WTF!!! OAO the horror!! and here's the BEST part, can only enter with an invitation BLOODY HELL!!

verbal in KLue magazine!!! OAO wtf!! i was so shocked and happy to see this!!! for the 1st time in my entire life i got to see him in a mag. 1 whole page somemore!! aaaa~~ thank god i bought the magazine!!

oh well, it's just not my day T_T at least Malaysia do know about m-flo rapper verbal. and their effort of bringing him in to malaysia is greatly appreciated!! (eventho i can't see him ;A;) which brings us to the unfairness of all this! WHY MUST HE PERFORM IN A PLACE WHERE ONLY A 21++ YEARS OLD PEOPLE CAN ENTER!? AND NEED INVITATION SOME MORE WTF!! don't they know that verbal got a LOT of hard-to-die fans out there?!!! (exhibit 1 *point to myself*) ISH!!!! so clever!! pfft.

other stuff that happened.... hmmm... none that i could rmmbr for now actually. you tend to forget stuff especially when u are ment to write it down 2 days ago... so yeah.

me and my video group mates had a very hectic day today!!! but it was kind of interesting actually. since this is my 1st time doing this kind of shoots. a bit hectic... yes... well yeah... that's it i think. for now. will try and update more later on lah. k~~

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