Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nikon and Ashton?

so since i don't have msn in the windows version, i went up and turned on my Meebo instead. Meebo got this video advertising underneath, and something related to Blue October new video captured my attention. so i rolled over and there's this commercial on Nikon Coolpix camera and guess who's the guy with the camera?


maybe it's just me that is a bit slow on advertising stuff. seeing ashton kutcher as the guy who represents Nikon camera makes me all jumpy xD hahaha!

I kind of like the commercials. well yes, because ashton kutcher is in it, one point, but not only that, i kinda like the cheeky, fun, and cool and happening feel throughout the commercial. The color mood is nice (as usual) and the music suits the whole thing nicely. By featuring a great actor and awesome camera side by side, makes the whole thing A LOT better too! 8D and also by adding some comedy elements inside compliments the whole commercial and makes it fun to watch and makes me wanna buy Nikon camera!! xD even though i don't use dslr much hahaha! even my Canon 1000D is lacking the loving and caring touch of the owner~~ hahaha!! dang! and the commercial makes me wanna shoot some photos~ 8D

all in all, i like it~ 8D

some of the videos~

Nikon Coolpix S60

Nikon D60

Nikon D90


and after all this while... i still can't find the song for this Sony T900 commercial!! DEMMIT!!!

somebody said it's doowop - marginal crap band =_= but wtf, i doubt it... so, anybody got idea what song this is from? :/ who sang it and all that, it'll do me GREAT pleasure 8D

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