Sunday, July 5, 2009

will m-flo EVER perform in Malaysia?

i mean, why haven't they come here for gods sake!!! OAO who doesn't wanna go to their concert?!!! i tell you people, i'll kill just to get myself their concert ticket! seriously!!

now tell me WHO DOESN'T WANNA BE PART OF THIS CROUD!!!!??? *scream* just looking at this youtube video is enough to make me high and wanna scream together!!!! and this is just the intro to their concert!!! the crowd is sooo happening!! and the sound system is just fantastic! GOSH i feel like jumping to the rhythm!! amazing... simply amazing... *sigh*

talking about m-flo, there's still 21 hours before their official 10th anniversary! gosh i'm ecstatic!! 8D this marks the end of their Love Era. i wonder what era will be next!!! Tripod Era is when Lisa is still in the group, so there's basically 3 of them in the group. Love Era is the time where they do a collaboration with other artists. can't wait for the next era!!!! YAY!!!


back to work... *sigh*

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