Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drama season?

hahaha~ i don't even know what to say about this. but 1st things 1st, I DON'T WANNA GET INVOLVED in this immature drama between artists u_u i mean, logically speaking, of course there are faults in both parties, but anybody can see where this is really going.

i've read what happened in this particular person's journal, and i tried to find any parts that could make me agree to what she was saying, but i just can't. i mean... honestly speaking, when you think about it logically, I myself do think that this person is a bit over reacting. but that's not the problem here. what I am most sad with is that, all those who replied and made comment to that journal don't make any effort to stop and tell the journal's owner what she did was a bit not right. It's like when i read through the comments, it made me think whether they got read the journal and think about it properly or not? look at it in a bigger perspective instead of going "boo hoo poor you".

EVERYBODY knew she's a popular, talented, and all other neat things that i would love to have it myself too, but that is not a reason to suck up to her. sometimes, we need somebody who can tell us what we did was wrong and give us a slap in the face no matter how much it hurts, because you can learn something from it. That is why it is important to be around a circle of right friends. Friends who dare to tell you what mistakes you have done, friends who gives you a lot of perspective in things instead of just focusing on one. Friend who are positive and know what they are talking about. Friends who don't make a bad condition even worst. Friends who you really can talk with when you need it.

for now i can see that the journal owner is not going anywhere. the circle of people she's in, won't help her in any sorts of way to improve the way she live her life and also on the maturity level. We have to accept, we can't always get things we want. When i keep on reading the comments, the more i think it is very silly... very very silly. I know in this kind of community, a lot of people likes to act cute, kiddish ('s a whole diff thing with childish aaa... don't get me wrong xD) and all sorts of things those anime do, but sometimes we have to be mature and think for awhile.

no, i am talking about this as a normal person's P.O.V. so please, don't say that i did this because i'm in this group, or i'm friends with who who who... 8D i'm just random bypasser, who happens to drop on this journal, read it, and think about the situations.

after the replies made by PIPIN (which i have no idea who =_= like suddenly appear like that LOL) it made me think even more!! i mean, most of the things he put down is facts, all facts. people can't argue with facts unless, well... they just got nothing better to do and shoot LOLOLOL but seriously, facts vs assumptions... well yeah...even after Pipin said he don't wanna reply anymore, there's still people who tried to make the fire bigger xD that part make me laugh. oh well~ it doesn't concern me. so as i was thinking that there will be no more further post on this issue in any journal, another one pop out.

ok now this, i really really really can't...ughh!..=_= my goodness man. even as an 'orang lalu-lalang' also i can see that the latest post is just ignorant. =A= i mean, wats with the "influenced" part... we, as a human, no matter whether you are popular, normal, a prodigy or even just a random person will surely influenced somebody! YOU IN A WAY, INFLUENCED OTHER PEOPLE AS OTHERS WILL INFLUENCED YOU! i mean seriously! nobody is asking YOU to throw away your feelings and what not. you are free to think and act as you wish!! nobody is stopping you seriously! but yes, as long as what you do, don't give people a bad impression and misguide them... then by all means, you are welcome to do anything. but you can't deny the fact of who YOU are, and can't just simply said 'I just want friends, not fans, not followers.'!!! YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE and no matter how much of a "normal person" you wanna be, you can't deny the fact that YOU influence people! if YOU wanna be normal, then quit being who you are and begone from the world you are involved with right now. somehow this situation is like.. a fish saying that it wants to run on the dry land =_= ;; lol you have to accept who you are and what you did to people. face the responsibilities!

you.. no! ALL of us have to stop living in our own little world, and give a thought about others as well. quoting my friend... "Your service to others is your rent for your life on this Earth."

so yeah...once again this is just my point of view. what i think. i hope there won't be anybody asking me to delete this post, if not i'd close down my blog and just keep my hands down. i mean... there's no point of keeping a blog now would it?


KEEP THE DRAMA COMING!!!!!! *holds popcorn n coke in hand*

things that i learn/get/realized/agreed to in an unofficial way here...

1 - attitude is very important. your attitude influence people around you. quoting my friend again~~ a Stanford researcher says that "Your personal success is 2% ability and 98% attitude". so take care of your attitude no matter where you are, no matter what situations you are in.
2 - i think my respect level went down like a parachute here u_u quite sad really... and to think that i used to.....nvm...
3 - it's important for you to pick wisely the circle of people you blend in with. a good friend will make you happy and slap you when you need it. you can't be the one who always give, you need to receive too sometimes. so yeah~
4 - can't really blame the convention. If you get traumatize, you only got yourself to blame.
5 - suddenly i remembered a line from Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, "my good opinion once lost, is lost forever". whatever that happened this past few weeks in a way will leave a mark in me. I realized stuff I've never realized before, and from there i will be more careful in what i do, in who i mix with.
6 - I enjoyed talking to Sanah and i learned lots of things from her. I hope we can talk more!! you really lighten up my head until its very empty I feel dizzy xD and to think that she's 2 years younger than me, she can talk very well and all the stuff she talks about is not 'empty'. I love you sayang. i promise i will go sleepover next time at ur place there~ ;w; (i love everybody LAH!!! WOO!! 8D)
7 - don't let people regret knowing you in his/her life.
8 - be in a positive environment u_u


  1. no.5. funny. i was thinking of that quote also last few days. lol.

    actually i read her journal in dA, tak lah salah sangat. :x are u sure? ><

  2. you didn't read the other one... u_u its a whole different story... compare them both and you will be like..... "HUH?" O_O ... yeah... i just dunno wat to say lah~

    _-_ i just hope it doesn't become worst la this thing.... i've got enough drama already for this term man Dx hope everything will be ok u_u...