Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stephanie Laurens or Chicken Soup?

well apparently Stephanie Laurens won =_= bugger! but it's just because i saw it 1st!!!! DARN!! shud've circle MPH thoroughly 1st before I buy anything!!! it's just a bad habit of mine i guess. darnnit!!!!

oh well... i am collecting her books anyway. (i hope my collection back in hometown is still... on my shelves =_= ) sorry abah 8D kehkehkeh~

but i really wanna buy 1 chicken soup book =A= ish!


  1. i got buy chicken soup for mums for my mum on mother's day.

    saya rasa dia tidak baca.

  2. yerr! xD she shud read it! very nice to read la those books! xD shud've buy that instead of the regency romance one... ish