Sunday, July 5, 2009

celebrity blogger fights? -2nd part-

dear mr bradley f.,

first of all i wanna say that i am shocked for you to actually found my blog. did you actually google it? it's seems pretty much impossible for anybody to find my small blog unless they google thoroughly!.....hmm... yes yes, i understand what you were trying to say, maybe i do missed some of the main point in my previous blog post which was, both party is at fault. though im sorry to say that i'm more towards xia xue's part here. i mean, she's just innocently trying to get something to eat...or drink... then somebody took her picture SECRETLY and blog about it and stuff. well honestly for me that's just not a very nice move. doesn't matter whether that person is a celebrity blogger or not...

sure everybody will have views on things, but for me, it's not in my place to say i don't like them just because of the way they dress themselves up. i mean, even though they are asians who dyed their hair blonde, so what? they didn't harm me or the community i am in. so why should i make big fuss over it? (until to the extent of posting up candid pictures of that particular person) it's their own choice. personally i don't really agree with asians + blonde hair, but hey~ it's free for them to do anything they want. maybe i will raise my eyebrows up when i saw a person with the same appearance with xia xue, but i'll just leave it at that.

and about the involvement of family in this fight, well... like i said previously, both party is at fault. so i'm not gonna comment more on this.

and to all the trouble it took you to write the very long paragraphs of comments, i sincerely apologize. but to be frank, i don't wanna be part of all this, so i'm not gonna comment any further on any of this matter. both party seriously played the parts here. but i really think it was brave of you to say out your apologies and all in your blog.


i wish you good day and i hope everything will be better for you after all this and i hope all the problem will be solved.

ifa~ 8D


on other note~~ =_= making a short film is a pain in the arse~! blardy hell~

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