Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[this] connection

finally the presentation is done!! ;w; i felt so relieved! xD it was tiring, and stressful, and most of the time menyakitkan hati... and not to forget funny xD but hmm... well lets just say... it's a HUGE relief to be able to finally present it, some more in front of the juniors xD hahaha

can't wait to get through this term T_T it's a hell of a term~

[THIS] CONNECTION photos taken from the one and only, the most outstanding and sexy Travin 8D hahaha!!!

you guys are awesome! xD hahahahahahahaha!!! let's work together again if got the chance~ 8D


on other notes...

I just can't stop watching this video of Amuro Namie singing the song FISH live xD it feat. Verbal & Arkitek if i'm not mistaken. the dance move is just... wow... groovy xD hahaha I've been using this song as my computer alarm clock for a long time now xD it's a very nice song TwT


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  1. "the most outstanding and sexy Travin"
    wah~ u nak tulis ini macam mer~ =.=
    lolz, btw.. thank ya