Friday, July 3, 2009

celebrity blogger fights?

i'm not given to laughing at people's bad luck, or judging people that i don't even know immediately, but after browsing some celebrity blog today, i just have to say, poor bradley farless =_= i'm sorry dude, but i'm on Xiaxue's side no matter how bitchy she was.

there's nothing wrong with people bleaching or coloring their hair blonde for gods sake!! even if you wanna criticise on people's way of dressing or styling themselves, at least do it with some dignity and more research =_= at least know your place before criticising others. it's just terribly painful to be beaten by the person you yourself criticise, especially when that person is someone like xiaxue.... i pity you man.

secondly, it's just plain rude to snap picture of people, and say bad things about them. =_= i mean... my goodness, if she wanna dye her hair, or paint her face black, its her body!!! why do you even care?!! do you have some problem asian + blonde?! well personally, i'm not a fan of those 2 combined together, but hey, it's a free country, and it's their own choice. so why should you care?

sorry about the pictures of you wife that she posted on her blog, but seriously dude, she was at fault too. if i'm the wife (thank god i am not!! *phew*) instead of adding more kerosene on the fire, why don't you try and cool it down a bit?! so immature of her u_u no offense, it's just too obvious not to say u_u

until the extent of deleting his blog man... my goodness... but hey~! he apologized. so i guess... it's ok~ i don't hate him or anything anyway~~ so yeah... his blog -> bradley farless

gosh! too much drama!! =A= well... i hope i won't go through all of this. there's alway an upside and downside of being a celebrity blogger xD it all adds up the spices in blogging world!




gosh i just love blogging world~!

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