Thursday, July 23, 2009

new level of mobile phones

well i was browsing through youtube trying to find videos on Sony Ericsson T707 which i found very stylish and super cool!! I would love to have it for myself! 8D

look at that gorgeous red colored one!!! *scream+faint*

well... what is T707? what are the features? what is so special about it that makes me dying to have this phone for myself? well~ first things first, T series focuses more on designs, so heck the design for T707 are AWESOME!!!

let me share these videos of the T707. It showed some of the special features and totally displayed the overall slick design of it.

isn't it just gorgeous!!!!??? OAO I WANT THIS PHONE!!!! OMG! since it only focuses on design, so it only have those basic functions for mobile phones with a pinch on extra superb lighting effect, rss feeder (can watch youtube!! O_O), and using hand gesture to activate some stuff for example, stopping your alarm clock by waving your hand on top of the phone. ain't that neat?!!! yeap~ i am sooo gonna get this! 8D since i'm not really focusing on any particular features on a phone, (mp3 player-check, dslr- check, computer with internet- check) so a basic one is enough for me. a basic, stylish and sexy phone!

while surfing for T707 i came across LG GD900. OH. MY. GOD. it's like their trying to bring mobile phones to a whole new level. With a transparent tempered glass slid-out keypad, and touch screen function, plus a cube function (you have to look at the video of the phone to know wat's the cube effect) it's a super duper SEXY phone 8D

awesome innit?

but i still prefer T707. Sony Ericsson RULEZ!!!!!!

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