Sunday, July 26, 2009

new moon


I just watched the clip for when Jacob was trying to teach Bella how to ride a bike... and i just can't stop screaming and feel embarrassed by it!!! i mean.... what the friggin' heck man!!! OAO can the movie gets even.... unbearable to watch!!!!?? i just can't stand it!!!! nooooo!!! nooooOO!!!!! just by looking at Jacob's long hair makes me... shiver!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! noooOOOOO!!!

somehow i got the feeling the movie... is gonna be quite disappointing. T_T and yes, i am still a fan of Twilight saga, but the movie eventually killing my interest slowly. =_= WHY!!!!? WHYYYY??!!!! i think Bella's character is too, over acting. i never really imagined Bella to be... like that!! i mean... oh my god! I CAN'T BEAR IT!!! ;A; i wanna watch... but i'm scared i'll be too disappointed, i'll cry and regret buying the ticket!!! i don't want that!!! NO!!!!

... i think their trying sooooo hard to make all those so called HOT and SEXY scenes. i mean... why can't he just... TEAR his t-shirt sleeve or something instead of opening his shirt like that?!! purposely wanna show the fangirls his half naked body?!! might as well just open his pants pfff~ (well... the body look quite ok~ if only i dared to open my eyes =_= ;; ) i can't stop screaming BLARDY HELL at this clip seriously =A= aih....

i don't want to feel embarrassed throughout the movie man!! i hate embarrassing scenes!! I HATE IT!!!! aaaaarrrrGGGggghhHHH!!!

don't even make me start on the official trailer!! /facepalm

p/s tho the part Edward wanna do suicide is kinda... blood boiling hahahahaha! xD

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