Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love miku's hair

HER HAIR IS LIKE.... GORGEOUS!!! Q n Q what color is it? turquoise? I just love this kind of blue-ish green color!!! so decided to draw her. even though I KNOW I couldn't do her justice. she's too gorgeous I don't even Q n Q

some progress shot. kinda forgot to take pictures along the way OTL!!!!!!!! I FAILED!!!!

i also drew some arts during valentine!! LOOLLL!!! and I don't even celebrate it XD

was drawing hetalia valentines art when my friend find me on fb and ask me to do art jam with her. since she's single (and super gorgeous that i'm sure she can get herself another partner soon pffffttttt) and I'm single (and look like some retarded alien LOL!!) requirement? EMO VALENTINE so yeah~~ here it is.

Here's the hetalia ones. Q n Q managed to cg Austria & hungary only so far SOBS!! not sure whether I wanna finish the others!! valentine has passed. but then my friend told my "change it to WHITE DAY MOOD" lol!! good idea!! ...which means i have to switch the pairings. I mean... who's giving who. you know? AUUGGHHH!! ARGH I DUNNO!!! we'll see how thing goes.

on other note!!!! I've just went n purchase BLACK ROCK SHOOTER Blu-ray & DVD Set with Nendoroid Petite BRS (limited edition) Q______Q it certainly is a pain to my wallet, but happiness to my fangirl heart -barf- OTL BUY 1st THINK LATER eh? LOL

can't wait to have it in my haaaands!!!!! Q v Q it'll prolly arrive by next week. AUUGGHH NEXT WEEK, Y U NO COME FASTER!!!!!

for more info about this (if you are interested, or never heard about this before), go read Mikatan's or CAF-aholic's blog.

YEAH!!! now I shall sleep... in peace....

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