Friday, February 4, 2011

Mushishi cd

HEY!! look what I found while rummaging through my cd collections!! 8D (a very small cd collection *cough* no really...) need something 'new' to listen to OTL having 123456789854323456 different music folders, and I still can't find anything. OTL can't believe it.

have you guys watch the anime or even read the manga yet? if not... wow, where HAVE you been all these years!!??? XD was hooked after watching the 1st episode for the anime. The storyline is very deep and... well.. different. It's very dreamy like. I love it. makes you wanna get into the world itself and live there. Well... basically, go and wiki or google Mushishi eh? definitely worth it. Ginko is love LOL

About the music... well, 1 more reason for me to continue watching is the beautiful background music throughout the whole episodes! the music is very relaxing and hypnotizing if you ask me. there's not even 1 music that I don't like. ALL ARE LOVELY!! it's like... heaven for your ears. For those who never watch/listen/read this title (seriously?!) here's some vid; and believe me, there's a LOT more. I don't wanna flood my blog with videos now LOL!! XD

so go check it OUT!

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