Saturday, February 26, 2011


remember this? Q v Q I practically wept like a sissy person when I saw this!! SOBS!! such memories!!

so me n my friend was skyping the other day, and I suggested we draw sailormoon character! 8D and I chose Hotaru Tomoe aka sailor saturn. MY FAVORITE!!! she's GORGEOUS!!! I DON'T THINK I DID HER JUSTICE ENOUGH!! AAUUUGGGHHH!!!!

niku's work is censored PFFFTTT!! pretty sure she wouldn't want people to see it. PFFFFTTTTT eventho i think it's ok since it's just w.i.p HAH!!!! XD

edited the background a bit. just added dabs of blue n pink here & there. OTL i wonder if i made it look even worst than before AHAHAHAHAHA! OTL

final result. sorta...

some close ups~

AHHH!! took me forever finishing this!!! too much procrastination i don't even.... but i truly enjoy the process. and I learned a few stuff from it too. i think... ahaaaha~

it's good to paint on 1 layer, but there's pain too OTL and in the end, my file size is 600++ mb. I don't even know how it happened!!! must've been the backgrounds. OTL OTL

so yeah!!! foresee more sailormoon fanart coming SOBS!! NO IFA NOOOO!!!!!

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