Saturday, March 10, 2012


hey guys! how was your weekends so far? mine is looking pretty dandy XD haha went back home (because of laundry u_u) and had the privilege to use the car! at 1st i planned to go out with some of my friends but had to cancel my plans due to some unplanned... plan...? WHICH was later cancelled (dad!! =_=) and when i told all of my friends that i've cancelled the trip tsk. so after knowing that the car is free for me to use, i contacted everybody aaaand apparently, they all have their own plans already! imagine my disappointment!! was pretty desperate in getting myself a new phone casing for my iPhone 4s, so by hook or by crook, i'm gonna get my butt out of the house even if it means going on a lone trip.

but lucky me!! a friend of mine decided to accompany me and she brought another friend along! officially happy! so i drove to my uni (which took me almost an hour) pick em up, and went to Suria Sabah shopping mall. 1st stop? phone casing!! didn't manage to find any nice casing :T it's very hard to find an iPhone 4s casing here!! they keep telling me that 4 & 4s is similar, but it is NOT! the volume & silent button on that side doesn't fit well with iPhone 4 casing! unless that part is completely cut out. You get what i mean??!! i couldn't get those with holes for the buttons already carved out. oh god. forgive my English 8,D me no speak English ORZ

ANYWAYS. so my forays into searching for phone casing in Suria Sabah went downhill, so ON TO LUNCH! wanted to try this new place called Fullhouse which is a lifestyle store & cafe and once again, i was disappointed. that place was a fullhouse! =A= what do i expect from a newly opened place eh? i guess next time then. Dropped by Cotton On to find me a new bag :T and even that plan didn't go well. Cotton On sabah needs to restock on their items. like seriously!

after contemplating between Secret Recipe or Sushitei for lunch, i chose Sushitei. both of my friends had their lunch and they have never tried sushi before, SO HEY~~ 8D let's just say i quite enjoy my meal. the food was honestly so-so, but i haven't had any japanese food for so long!!! so it was very very liberating! anymore western & i'll jump out of my room window.

ordered myself a typical Chicken Katsu don & a few sushis for the others :) 1 of my friend kept saying the sauce is too salty _-_ ;; i think it was normal somehow. i guess she's not used to it haha.

after lunch, decided to head to Center Point. yes, another shopping mall u_u in search for phone casing LOL AND FINALLY!!! found it!!! can't really say i'm not happy with my purchase, but i'm not THAT satisfied either :T but i guess it'll do for now.


like i don't need to advertise my phone anymore =v= the casing just HAD to have that "iPhone" word there LOL but it's quite cute right??!! RIGHT??!! 8D i love the color & its texture! but alas, when i'm already quite happy with my purchase, i just HAD to see this =_=


A POLKA DOTTED CASING! OH. MY. GOD!!! i swear, my inner polka dotted fanatic self was screaming like crazy!!! ALAS... it's specifically designed for iPhone4. i was extremely, i repeat, EXTREMELY disappointed T_T the side buttons couldn't fit nicely into the holes. i am SAD. it's a sign for me to save money i guess eh?

there were a lot more design, but none catches my attention like that one up there. T__T oh life!! so once again dejected, decided to head to F.O.S to hunt for bags while my friends went somewhere else. didn't find any bags too... ugh. it is just not meant to be!!!

received a text from my friend, asked her out for dinner :9 so all of us decided to head back to the Uni smwhere around 7. another friend called & he was apparently in 1Borneo (ANOTHER shopping mall apparently LOL) hunting for pants. so ok. might as well meet up! so i drove there & 1st question, WHERE TO HAVE DINNER. after debating for so long, decided to get into Old Town

orange frizz, honey lemon & water

i ordered french toast :9 and i prefer this over the "roti tebal celup telur inti tuna" or whatever they call it haha basically it's like french toast except that it's not sweet & rather than filling it up with peanut butter, it's filled up with tuna instead D: NOT SWEET AT ALL but i suppose it's not all that bad lah. hah! xD after that, went into phone casing searching mode again since my friend told me there're quite a few nice choices in this place too. so OK!! did saw a few good ones, BUT T___T yeaaahhh that button part on the side //sigh// life. and the shopping mall was bloody hot!! friend told me the limit for using aircon went down to 28..or was it 24 degrees =_= holy. i was sweating in silence! oh well. after walking around, killing time, decided to send all my friends back since the uni gate will be closed by 10pm :X so okay. XD the 2 guys asked me to hang out with them again afterwards :9 i couldn't say no to that!

went to Party Play since my friend told me the dessert there was heavenly!! so okay!!! and OH MY GOD. it was indeed GOOD!!! can't rmmbr the name though hahaha! the chocolate melts in my mouth like... OH.MY.G... i shall keep quiet now u_u


friend told me that it's probably too much for me to finish (since he had some difficulties in finishing his) & another friend said "nevermind! i'm here!!" hahaha these 2 guys are so funny XD but they were wrong!! i could finish it like it's nothing!!! IT WAS SO SO SO NICE!!! the moment i poke my fork into the chocolaty goodness, all those chocolates!!! won't stop emerging from inside! OH GOD & i'm not really that big fan of chocolates!! BUT THIS. THIS WAS SO SO GOOD!! the combination of hot chocolate & cold belgian vanilla ice cream was perfect!!! aaaaahh i'm drooling just thinking abt this! 8,D is a happy customer haha I gave it a good 4 out of 5!!!!

some extra pictures :9

believe it or not, this is plain water LOL

manly hand *wiggles eyebrows* see!! your hand does look big enough la!! XD

childhood friends : )

i really had fun that day :D ifa is happy ;D

p/s pardon any grammar or spelling mistake! hah!


  1. Did you buy any bag from Cotton On? I saw one nice bag just now but I didn't buy it because still not sure. :D

    1. didn't really get any bag during this trip haha. but i have experience in buying bags from cotton on. in my opinion, they need to be taken care of really well. mine looks like some dogs chewed on it already hahaha ;9