Saturday, March 17, 2012

another weekend foray

my friend Alice contacted me & asked whether i wanna hang out with her on saturday or not, so i said SURE.

had to wake up very early since it's a long drive to her place (she didn't know that LOL) so the 1st place we head to was Suria Sabah since she's never been there before :) my attempt in trying out Fullhouse went down the drain again T__T i seriously think i should go only on weekdays since it seems impossible to even try & go there on the weekends =_= so we head to Upperstar. its been awhile haha.

ordered the normal dish grilled chicken with an extra baked mushroom soup. let's just say my friend enjoyed her meal & nothing can make me happier than a satisfied stomach be it my own or someone else lol.

both of us were practically typing away on our smart devices like crazy haha checking in on fb, instagraming LOL people nowadays pfft

after filling in our stomachs, decided to walk around for a bit. i didn't buy anything as nothing really interest me here, and those that really do, cost a fortune! lol so i just let my friend shop. afterwards, went to another shopping mall since i wanted to get myself drawing tools. but bugger it all, the stationery shop was closed =_= wtf! and another shop didn't sell what i wanted. managed to get myself a toolbox for my brushes & paints though. so i guess it was not a failed day afterall. Left my friend with her pedicure activity haha looking at her being happy made me happy XD and we talked a lot. about life. about friends. about how pretty her nails are (pfft) and how lucky we are to know each other :)

it's hard for me to find a girlfriend that i can really click with! most of my friends are guys and so far, i can actually count with only 1 hand the amount of girlfriends that i can really talk with and most of them are not even from my own course... so lonely somehow. i asked her opinion on this matter and she said it's probably the way i think and do things. it's not like the other girls. well i do admit i am more open with a lot of things compare to other girls in class i suppose & i just love to talk (but do more listening than talking) haha BUT!! it doesn't matter! yeah! slowly ifa. slowly.

after she has done her pedicure, dinner! went to this place called La Viva cafe / Fatty Chef. I hv to say, the atmosphere in this restaurant is just so romantic! hahaha this warrants for some photos!!! pardon me for the color inconsistencies. some i edited with photoshop, some i didn't... some i just took from instagram LOL

friend's beef watan hor. can't remember the price haha.

mee mamak RM12

I'll give it a... 2.4 out of 5 i suppose. it tasted ok actually. normal. mmm. and my drink is a tad sour :T but all in all, it was ok. couldn't finish it tho haha.

after that i remembered my mom asked me to buy her stuff from kaison! so thank goodness i'll be passing another shopping mall on my way to sending my friend back. so we decided to make 1 last stop at 1Borneo. that's 3 shopping malls in 1 day!! hahaha!! went to kaison, didn't find the thing i was looking for (brilliant) almost, ALMOST wanted to get myself Karamell Almondo's vanilla ice cream, but i'm proud of myself for not falling into the temptation XD Alice wanted to drink starbucks to keep her awake at night for assignment sake, so OK! head to the new starbucks at ground floor.

Alice were happily choosing what to drink & i was a bit disappointed looking at the selections of food they have. NO SHEPHERDS PIE. BLASPHEMY. hahaha! and then this guy was like "hey, i remember you. do you remember me?" i was a bit blur after he said that, so i wrecked my brain in thinking where i have met him before, to no avail. "you remember! we met before! you were with my friend, that tall guy with glasses?" ...... "OH!!!! YOU!!! i remember you!!! u worked upstairs before right?!" , "yeah! welcome to the new starbucks shop!" i was so hyped up people actually remembered my face! hahahaha when i don't .__. guilty. ahem. but we talked & talked. conclusion? he's a nice guy! hahaha promised him i'll get back there for the starbucks membership card XD and i shall! just not anytime soon. LOL.

OH! it's that guy! lol

i am pretty tempted to get this card. just scared i won't be using it to it's full benefit. but rm20 for a lifetime membership? 8D WHY NOT???!! will drop by again some other time.

that's it. it's very nice to go out with someone who won't go "omg, this place looks so expensive! lets not get inside!" or "omg!!!!! the food here is so expensive! let's find some other place" once in awhile. i mean, it's never a crime to just get into an expensive looking shop to look around! nobody is forcing you to buy anything! hahhaha and if expensive food means quality, then i don't see a problem in that. you are consuming something that will get into your body!!! the least you could do is to make sure it is safe & clean & good. RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!!?? //facepalm// but i could've sworn i heard my wallet weeping in misery afterwards hahaha

overall? i had fun! : ) THANKS ALICE <3

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