Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPhone 4s


after much contemplation & brain wrecking & indecisiveness, i've finally gotten myself an iPhone 4s!! YIPPEE!!! 8,D can you imagine how happy i am right now??!

thanks to my parents ; v ; haha. it was a pretty close call between 4s & samsung galaxy s2, bt after listening to several of my friends' opinions, decided to get this one instead! seriously, when i asked a few of my friends for opinions, they told me the same thing!!! "ur a Mac user right? iPhone" LOL!! can't help myself from laughing XD even though rumors of iPhone 5 coming out soon are all over the place, but to be honest, i thnk 4s is just nice for me. the hi-tec this gadget gets, the higher the chances of me throwing out my iMac, laptop, dslr & mp3 player out of my window LOL!!

i mean, come on!! 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, siri, the apps! i hope by owning this, my organizing skills will get even better u_u what with all the reminder & .... other... uh.. organizing related apps .__. ;;

took me a few days to finally buy (and a veeery long time in deciding) there was even once where i went to the apple store and had this situation =_= ... wait, lemme copy & paste the situation, since i've posted it on fb before...

"went to Technocrats 1Borneo to hunt for phone. IT WAS FRIGGIN HORRIBLE! (and i'm using "friggin" to be discreet here)

1. there is NO sample for customer to try (both 4 & 4s)

2. the worker DOESN'T EVEN KNOW what processor both 4 & 4s used (& i purposely asked to see whether he knew or not) and it's like i'm the one doing all the answering for him (since i've done a bit of research abt the phone)

3. when i asked a lot more about the specs (even though i knew lol) he had the guts to tell me "I'm sorry, I'm not an iPhone user, so I don't know". WHAT THE HELL!!! it's your bloody job to know about all that albeit not owning any gadget from Apple! YOU ARE A SALESPERSON THERE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!

4. when i asked him abt Siri, he looked at me like i never, ever, even ONCE in my life learn English & it's better if i don't buy it since Siri operates in English. I was like... "oh. really?"

i was pissed (but i'm very pro at not showing my emotion) so i asked "so how do you guys sell things if you don't even have the sample for customer to try? how now?" and he just look at his fellow worker in a very blur way. after trying my best to lower down my bitchiness, i asked him again "there's another Technocrats in Suria Sabah right? and i'm pretty sure they have a sample there, so i thnk i'll just head there tmrw" and i sorta just walk out of the shop."

i was really pissed that time hahahaha XD but i'm really good at hiding my emotion. so the next day, i went to suria sabah to hv the worker telling me that they are out of 16gb white colored iPhone4s =_= i was like... da hell. i asked that guy to give the apple store i 1 borneo a call again to ask whether they hv stock or not, and lucky me, they have it!!! 8D so they reserved it for me! HUZZAH! and it was the only 1 left too!! SO LUCKY!!! aaahhh!!! and the person whom i'm dealing with this time is WAY better than the one yesterday pfffttt

so anyways!! here it is!!

i am so excited with this purchase!! currently still playing around with it : ) downloaded sm apps. i thnk that'll keep me occupied & entertained for a very very long time XD

now if only i can get my hands on Whatsapp :T unfortunately (or should i say fortunately? LOL) my phone is not jailbreaked yet. and i tend to keep it that way smhow D: so... well... any non-free apps, well... mmm... yeah... //stares blankly at the floor//

ANYWAYS!!! my 1st instagram!!! haha typical. a photo of my table pfft =v= ;;

will be lookin forward to discovering more ossumness from this phone! i seriously had fun talking to siri haha. alas, i am at home now, with wifi .___. and i'm not sure abt uni //sigh// life! ORZ

my sony ericsson have served me well : ) you can rest now. thank you for serving me & i'm sorry for all the toss & drops & scratched that i made T_T i am a very bad owner.

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