Friday, March 16, 2012


can't seem to sleep. kept thinking about a lot of things in bed. about my class. about the drama in class. assignments (even though i was rather reluctant in starting any of them haha). my language proficiency, especially english & chinese i suppose ._. my life. and basically all those typical stuff that i don't really bother about most of the time.

but it's not all the thinking what bothers me the most, it's the fact that i'm not doing anything but just lying on the bed, like a dead person that irks me.

had this argument in class regarding our corporate shirt. i just don't get the whole deal about it. i mean, so majorities don't like the color. so what? it's not like the decision is impossible to change. you don't agree with the design? change. you don't like the color? change. you don't like everything? god help me, you really need help. haha. NO i am not blaming anybody here. it's never wrong to voice out your opinion, but i would prefer voicing out any objections face-to-face rather than posting it up in any social network online. You know how it is with voicing out opinions with texts. different people will have different interpretations on things. so arguments could happen any friggin time. everytime i read any messages concerning this issue on my class' fb group, it's like, waltzing across a room covered with land mines.

my point is, i'm not gonna be on anybody's side. I'm gonna be standing alone. on the neutral side of the room. it's all purely logical. all this just because of 1 shirt design? i don't understand. haha

can i talk about something different? sure i can. I don't get it how people can wake other people up from a nap without feeling any guilt (unless they requested to be woken up that is). I sorta fell asleep the other day outside the class while waiting for the classroom door to be opened, and to be honest, i don't like it when people disturbs me when i nap & without a reason! if just for the sake of greeting me, honestly, you could save that for later. also 1 of my pet peeves, people waking me up, me feeling groggy & annoyed (but hides it skillfully), and you keep on talking to me like i'm oh so interested. don't get me wrong. i love listening to people talk. i really do! but not when i am all moody after you've woke me up without any reason. =_= i get really really annoyed when that happens. seriously. but most of the time, i don't really have problem with ppl waking me up UNLESS there is a reason & i don't really care whether the reason is so unimportant, as long as there is 1.

what else. hmm. I don't like repetitive jokes? i suppose. i laugh easily, but if certain jokes are being repeated over & over again, even the jolly me would have difficulties in laughing it off. gosh! why am i even talking about all this now?!

have a date tomorrow with a friend. i just wish she doesn't live so far away 8,D had to pick her up, which means i have to prepare at least 2 hours early nggfffhhh! but seriously lookin forward to spending a day with friend : ) eventhough the chances are quite bleak, i really wish i could finally give the new Fullhouse restaurant a try!!

right. off to bed.

I'm still not doing anything haha. GOOD NIGHT!!!

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