Sunday, February 26, 2012

interesting sunday

was tweeting last night with a friend of mine : ) and we decided to go out on a date LOL so i quickly finished my work until 3-4 am so that i could have the day to myself tmrw :D

woke up early and wait, well not really, for the bus. it arrived a bit early, so i reached the mall by 10am. haha most of the shops were still closed and my friend was just about to start her service, so i basically have a lot of time to kill :E so the 1st thing in my head was breakfast! that don't really happen often! so i was torn between heading to starbucks or secret recipe, and i pick the latter : ) was craving for shepherd's pie T_T and i didn't manage to find any. again. *sigh* so i ordered the same stuff as last time, black pepper lamb pie & a glass of hot chocolate :D

the pie was so-so but a good replacement for that shepherd's pie that i was craving after. the hot chocolate was nice though. i usually came here with my cap on, but i didn't today, so the worker didn't recognize me hahaha XD he's a friendly guy after u came for a few visits. anyways! i sat there to kill some time and decided to head out and walk around. didn't visit any shops yet since i wanted to visit the stores with my friend. I happened to saw the r&r area with those massaging chairs and i figured, WHY NOT!! there was this spot on my back that's been hurting for a few days, so what the heck!!!

AAAHHH i really need this in my life!!! it really does hit the spot!! for just rm1 per session (3min), it was worth it! and guess what shop was in front of the r&r area? WATSONS!!! i love watsons~ don't you??

whenever i get into Watsons, there are 3 sections that i frequent, which is the lip balm section, hair care product & cosmetics! mainly revlon's lip products haha. today i practically tried on most of the nude & peachy lip colors, on my hand that is! the colors are so pretty TvT and the packaging are so neat!! aahhh~~ if only i had the money! i wanted to try the nude color on my lips so bad! TvT hahaha next time ifa, next time!

I also saw an interesting brand of shampoo. made me wanna give it a shot someday!! good for the scalp! and my scalp is very problematic u_u life hahaha. couldn't find any CHarles Worthington though. would love to get my hands on some conditioner. i really dig their conditioner :D guess i'll have to drop by CenterPoint again someday!

after filling in my time with a lot of interesting womanly products (lol) i went to Times bookstore. don't really have any books that i wanted to buy, so i browsed through the stationery section more. 1 thing about being Ifa, well, I am easily amused hahaha simple things like present paper, ribbons even notebooks are enough to keep my mind occupied for the entire day!

look at all those ribbons!!!! shoooo prettyyyyyy!!!

the notebooks are pretty too~~ but not really worth my money! they cost a lot!! just for the designer covers =_= i rather use normal full scape paper. But i really love cute notebooks : ) made me scream in delight every time!! (of course only scream inside hahaha)

and then i went to the art section & saw a few books that is pretty interesting! especially this!! "Print & Pattern"!!! aaahhhh!! i really want this book so bad!! too bad, it was wrapped in plastic, so i couldn't browse through inside. Quite expensive too :(

and then i saw this book! luckily it wasn't wrapped in any plastic! this book is filled with interesting name card designs!!! it really does inspire me!!! alas, this book cost a fortune too T_T but i would love to own this!

and then after doing more browsing, i found this!!!!! hahaha!! the 1st thing in my head was my friend! it really does reminds me of him XD so i killed sometime reading this book! very very interesting indeed!! i think it cost somewhere around rm70++ can't help myself from smiling whenever i saw familiar equipments & familiar techniques XD (like.. 'terowong' & 'bukit' LOL!)

this is really a good hobby! : ) should give it a try whenever you guys have the time! XD Finally, my friend, Frans, reached Times :D so the 1st thing we did was hunting for lunch!!! I happened to saw this place when i walked out of Secret Recipe, it's called Brooklyn, so i told her i wanted to give this place a try! For the 1st time this year, i didn't hesitate when it comes to choosing a place to eat! hahaha!!

This place looks promising :9 after browsing the endless list of foods in the menu, i decided to settle on Tender Beef... something... & my friend, grilled chicken chop with teriyaki sauce or something lk that hahaha i should write all the foods' name down!! XD

my food was ok~ i was quite full!! and the bowl was only 1/2 cleaned!! the beef was very very tender, the mashed potato was good & the gravy was delicious!! pity my stomach didn't really have the ample space to put all of them in : ( managed to finish all the beef, but left some mashed potatoes TvT

my friend's dish was nice too!!! next time, i'm gonna order that!!

tender beef something LOL

teriyaki chicken chop or smthng hahhaa!

We dropped by Cotton On sometime after that and OH GOD!! there was this nice black top that i am dying to get!!! and this brown coat/blazer which is just PERFECT!!! it really does compliment my body shape!! 8,D and somehow made me considerably slimmer that normal //COUGH// hahaha i shall get them both next week!!! by hook, or by crook!!! i am determined!!!!!! Since i didn't manage to get those clothes, got myself Cotton On's umbrella instead!!! my blue umbrella is ruined ) : saw this cute red with white polka dots umbrella!!! OMG!!! can't help myself!!!! so i took it! luckily they have this promotion where i can get discount on the umbrella if i made another purchase!! wanted to get this naked/nude/neutral nail polish and it cost rm8, but decided not to. So i took this charity bracelet instead : ) for only 2 ringgit!! it felt good!!

LOOK AT THAT!!! my polka dotted item collections are just getting bigger!! hahaha i am happy 8,D

for the bracelet, well, i wanted to get the one with crown instead of this crest, but that one was a bit hard to adjust. crest is nice too!! so i guess i'm fine with it : )

i really had fun today!!! : ) even though i didn't really purchase much, it's nice to hang out with a girlfriend once in awhile!!! so liberating!! XD

now it's time to get back to my assignments again T_T *sigh*

p/s I HAD ICE CREAM TODAAAAYYYY!!!! Karamel Almondo's vanilla ice cream, plain. 8,D i am happy!!!

p/s2 AWAIT MY RETURN OH COTTON ON!!! i shall get you, black boyfriend blouse!!! nggffhh!!!

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