Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Charles Worthington shampoo

HAPPY VALENTINES!!!! to those who are celebrating (dem you all!) hope you guys had a good one aight? 8,D sincerely, forever single ifa. LOL

so today, since the government gave all the student from government based Unis a free RM200 voucher, decided to make good use of it and spend it like a boss!!! (not after i got nagged by my mom 10826483642 times) SO OFF TO THE SHOPPING MALL!!! decided to drop by Centre Point today :9

so yeah!! the 1st thing that popped in my head was getting myself those bloody expensive design magazines that i can only touch & look from beyond the 1 layer of clear plastic that was covering it SOBS so finally got myself this!

some inside sample [HERE]. wanted to get myself another one about corporate branding, but i was pretty sure i will exceed my RM200 budget since i haven't even get to buying my stationaries. so fine... just 1. this magazine itself already cost me rm91 something 8,D LIFE! OH LIFE!!

some other stuff that i got myself;

*POINTS EXCITEDLY AT THE CUTE POLKA DOT PENCIL CASE* SDFGHJKKJHGFG!! IT MATCHES 1 OF MY SHIRT! and i especially LOVE the "DOTAHOLIC" tag on the case! what a haul!! bought myself loads of pencils & pens too!! but sadly i couldn't find any awesome pen. I'm especially picky when it comes to choosing a writing pen T_T 2 art erasers, which i then realized i still have 1 at home .___. oh well. Spray mount. awesome stuff! blue tac! now i can stick stuff on the side of my book case! and finally an artist palette! (that white thingy underneath my pencils & pens) been using a normal plastic cardboard for my palette last semester. well it was cheap!! i just bought 1 A3 sized plastic corrugated board, cut it into 2, and cut another hole for my thumb. i was desperate! but hey! not a bad idea eh? 8D

afterwards, I went to F.O.S and got myself a new wallet!! yes wallet, since i am manly like that *cough* and 2 new shirts. while, my mom and my lil sis went to get some womanly, sissy stuff (which consist of beads & threads) I went to the ground floor and I saw WATSON!!! the 1st thing that came into my head was Revlon Lipbutter!! LOOLL so without thinking, i immediately head towards the Revlon section, and look what i got!!!

(far left) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Peach Parfait

To be honest, I bought these just because of the packaging 8,D the colors are just so delicious looking!! and the fact that it's leaning more towards lipbalm (and i wear lip balm!!) but these babies are just too colorful for me. yay for no color lipbalm user! and later on, i remembered that my shampoo, well technically it was my lil sis's shampoo, was almost finished and so was my conditioner. Then i remembered this brand i've been wanting to try, aaaaannndd TAADAH!!! CHARLES WORTHINGTON GET!!!!

CW takeaway Moisture Seal conditioner -Rm9.90 | CW Moisture Seal shampoo - RM29.90

Decided to take the traveling size bottle for the conditioner since i'm still trying out this brand. tried using it just now, and i have to say, it really does give my hair this smooth feel to it!! and i'm not even kidding!!! i don't even have to shampoo twice! after the 1st wash, my fingers can already slide through my hair without any restrictions! and it really does smell like those expensive shampoo they use in saloons~ ON TO THE CONDITIONER! i've been using this commercialized conditioner, and shampoo, and every time i rinse it of, there will be this yucky, slimy & oily feel whenever i run my fingers through my hair. Not with CW tho! after applying it to my hair and rinsing it off, no slimy/oily/yucky feel anymore!!! i am happy with this purchase!! but i am still trying this product out. let see what'll happen 1 or 2 weeks later :9 loving it so far~~~

after our forays in CenterPoint, went to pick my niece up from school and, after days of annoying nags from my lil sis, i brought them all to Yoyo. It's a quite popular place for people to have milk teas, the one with pearls and what not. so yeaaahhh. was quite lucky today! since there were less cars at that place when usually it is packed with cars since night clubs are abundant at that location .__. ordered myself the regular stuff, pearl milky tea. I don't get why i always ordered this since pearls really gets on my nerves 8,D but it's like, my brain & hand will unconsciously pick that drink... oh well.

and then made a quick stop at grocery store, and head on home!!!

now, what a way to spend the valentines eh? 8D I'm in a really really good mood now. with Furerumaindo by Hanaregumi playing on my iTunes. mmmm. now i really feel like doing some livestreams! ... we will see~

p/s mom used my Macaroon lip balm, and I think it looks better on her, since her skin is waaay fairer than mine. tsk!! =_=

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