Friday, February 17, 2012

Dart board and what not

so yesterday mom woke me up saying that my dad wanna take them family photos for some of his documents. so heck, i need to get my laptop reformatted too.

so we went to pick my brother up from uni and on to the photo studio! until now, i've never been happy with how people took my pictures. =A= ;; i'm just ridiculously not photogenic! haha so yes, naturally, i'll always be scrunching my nose whenever i saw my pictures that was taken by other people... did i use the term 'scrunching' properly there? ... oh well~ haha

afterwards, we went to get some lunch yadaa yadaahh. on to the reformatting part!! sent my laptop there, and that guy said it'll take 1-2 hours. COOL! sooo after doing other pointless stuff while waiting, finally. picked up my laptop, got myself a replacement cable for my hardisk too. afterwards, went to Sony Center since i've been wanting to get a new earphones since the one that i have now is just too pathetic to even contemplate on wearing 8,D

Met this ossum salesperson in Sony Center!! she was all "Hello!!! how may i help you!!?" the 1st thing in my mind was "OH MY GOD! SHE SPOKE IN ENGLISH!!" hahaha i really love it when people speak in english with me. i need to practice! so I asked her for a good earphones with amazing bass and she recommended this bass boost earphone. Was quite lucky since they have the sample! so i could listen to the quality & all and i was sold! haha told her I'll take it! at the counter, we talked for a bit, and i was very, impressed? no, that's not quite the right term to describe how i was feeling. maybe, flabbergasted?? at what she said to me. here's how the conversation went;

her: you know, it's really uncommon for girls to find a good bass in earphones!
me: what?! no way! i guess... i'm just weird?
her: no! i prefer the term unique!
me: hahaha why thank you!!
her: *took plastic bag*
me: AH! it's fine! i don't need plastic bag.
her: oh. OH! yeah! go green eh?!
me: exactly!
her: *stare at me* you are 1 awesome customer! never met 1 like you yet!
me: eh! no way!!
her: really!! i really respect you man! *salute* (she actually did that!! haha)
me: you too!! you can speak really well!!
her: me?! nooo!!
me: really!! social skills are important you know! and you definitely have em! that's very good!
her: aaahh i'm just too loud for myself. I'm just a very social person at school.
me: that's good right?! i mean, i prefer being with a very social person than not~ to be honest, most of my friends in class now are those very womanly type, so, maybe because of that i can't really mix around much with them. I talk too loud.
her: well, maybe it's the way they were brought up that made em that way. because in my family, me and my mom is just.. too loud. so i became like this~ hahaha
me: that's very awesome in my opinion! it was nice meeting you!! *put out hand*
her: you too!! *shakes hand*

i was happy! 8D

damage done : RM59

can't believe my trusty mp3 player still survives until now!!! i've had her for almost 4-5 years i think! it's a miracle even that i haven't lost it yet! not a lot of scratches on it too! amazing! i just wish i had that earphone in a matching blue color. they have it in blue, but the blue was just, too much. more to a navy blue *shivers* i'm a turquoise/ sky blue fan :9

afterwards, decided to head home, but made another quick (which didn't turn out to be quick afterall) trip at this store. after a lot of miggling, somehow i managed to get myself a dart board ._____. have no idea how it happened ORZ but i rmmbered that guy, i think he was flirting with me. to be honest, i don't have enough experience with flirting (or maybe i'm just too dense to notice...) but the moment he asked for my name, whether i'm still studying or not AND whether if we can hangout if he ever pass by my uni!! he said that in sort of a whisper, but i caught it and went "ex...excuse me??!" and he was "OH!! no!! it's nothing!! hahaha" and being this person who are not really familiar with this kind of awkward situation, i quickly make my purchase and scram ORZ so awkwaaaard u__u BUT HEY!! got myself a dart board! so nothing else matters the moment i stepped out of that shop! hahaha have yet to hang it up tho!! wanna try it out so bad now!!

on a different note, finally the exam result is out! aaaand let's just say my parents are happy with mine. as for me, well, of course i am happy, but i can't help myself from wondering whether i really deserve this result or not. I honestly think that the lecturers are being a little bit too lenient on the 1st year 1st semester student. maybe it's just me. there's just something bugging me deep down inside .___. i don't know why.

will try my best for the upcoming semester!! i hope i can be proud & doubt free on my next result : )

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