Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Macaroon

Feminine hormone is taking over me D8 NOOOOouuuuhhhHHHHh!!

been watching too much youtube vids mostly related to makeups, so now i am mildly hooked! ORZ I am quite opposed towards putting anything on my face except for some lip balm, but i guess, i can't run away from my female genes or whatever you wanna call it any longer!! Still a bit uncertain about all this though, but i'm gonna start baby steps.

was browsing through some make up org on fb and some friend's tweet about revlon's new line of products which is their Colorburst Lip Butter, so i decided to look it up! it's pretty much available in drug stores such as Guardian, Watson... etc etc I got mine in Guardian btw. for a retail price of RM24.90, i have to say, it's worth it!

so what is lip butter? it's like a combination of lipstick + lip balm.. ok more like a tinted lipbalm?? I recently got mine and have used it once. I have to say, i really love the shade! it really does give you this moisturizing feel but doesn't make my lips icky, and it has just enough amount of shine so that it's not too overbearing. They are quite a few colors in line, 25 if not mistaken, but so far in Malaysia, we only have 8 colors, and the products are named based on delicious snacks/ desserts like Peach Parfait, Cherry Tart, Macaroon, Sugar Plum, Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop, Fig Jam and Brown Sugar.

Mine is Macaroon, which i heard from another blog is a UK exclusive color!, and it have this warm brownish reddish tone to it and it kinda fits the tone of my skin. which is a bit dark. The packaging itself is very cute! looks delicious hahaha. One thing about it though is that, it can be a little bit hard to open. I had a bit difficulties in opening it, but nothing serious. Gonna try and hunt for Peach Parfait next T v T

so basically i'll give this line a whooping 4 out of 5! go get it!! 8D but no sweat if you can't find it or if it's oos, since this line is gonna be a permanent one from Revlon ;D expect it to be everywhere soon! Someone told me before that girls who don't usually do makeup but one day if they decided to, they will usually start with lipsticks. I have to agree on that! haha it seems like i have a lot more lip products compare to others! well a lot being just 3-4. I just don't do makeup. YET.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Maybelline lip balm, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick

also I bough a new lip balm again today since my other lipbalm is tinted too, so i need something that is colorless. It's another Maybelline [Lip] Smooth Extra Care, a cool mint flavor. I just love lip balm 8,D

so now my Cherry lip balm won't be so lonely anymore! hahaha pity I couldn't find Charles Worthington anti frizz hair serum yesterday T_T so i guess i'll just settle for L'Oreal hair serum. it's ok~ i suppose. really does put my hair in check.

on a different note! I'm currently playing Rune Factory 3 now. what a way to spend my remaining holidays eh?


  1. I'm scared that if I ever buy that Revlon Macaroon, I'll eat it first because it sounds too delicious lol

    Rune Factory 3333333~ I just finished the plot and married Sakuya ._. LOL;; now awaiting my.. baby's arrival LOL :'D

    1. to be honest, i was tempted to lick it just because of the name, and the subtle sweet vanilla smell!! nngghhffff

      I just started!! i don't even know who's sakuya yet!! oh god. i need to play this now!! *stares intently at currently charging ds* @____@

  2. what happened to your PS3 MAAAANNNN ???!!