Saturday, February 25, 2012

adventurous friday

well, i'd like to think of it as adventurous XD hahaha

for the 1st time in my life, i went to the city via BUS!!! YES!!! BUS!!! i am so proud of myself LOL (no. just ignore me who likes to be overly dramatic with everything, if i can)

woke up at 8 smthng, and promised to meet up with my friend by 10 at the bus stop in front of the library (which is miles away from where i stay). decided to have an early breakfast (and it was the worst early meal i've ever had =_=) since i haven't had any meal the day before, accept for some black pepper lamb pie, and even that i couldn't finish T_T i don't know what is wrong with my appetite recently. it's all gone haywire. so anyways, we went to Karamunsing Complex 1st, friend decided to treat us with lunch. Had chicken rice, and 1 of my friend ordered chicken feet... i almost jaw dropped 8,D when i passed their offer at that meal, my friend went "yeaahhh we know you don't eat stuff like this. u only know how to eat hotel food" i was like NOOOO u_u it's just... a bit odd... hahahaha

and then we stopped by this shoe shop. I saw a perfect pair of heels with the perfect color!! both of my friends told me it really does fit the color of my skin! and they realized the difference between the color of my leg with my hands LOL my legs somehow is considerably fairer than my hands .___. i wonder why. sun burn? LOL it's a mystery.

so i didn't really buy anything there. we continued our trip to Center Point next, while making a few stops here & there along the way. went to this small Korean store. kinda cool!! but a bit dull if you ask me. it's amazing how my friends were like "omg~~ korean tissue!!!" //bought 2 stacks// hahaha cute.

reached the big shopping mall, the 1st place in my head was WATSON!!! i love watson!!! bought myself new shampoo, some ointment and a moisturizer. OH!! did i mention that i got a simple make over yesterday!! this brand called Victoria Jackson was doing their roadshow, and since i was standing too close to the booth, the promoter girl decided to talk to me. But for those who knew me so well, things like this doesn't really work with me. I mean, no matter how hard a person promotes, if i don't want it, well, i don't. hahaha so in the end, she was like, "hey!! lemme give you some simple make over!!" and i was like "...oh! ... s..sure..." this brand is particularly famous for its natural look. so i suppose it's ok....... well let's just say, it was ok~~ the make up is like there, but not really there. u get what i mean? hahahaha

anyways!!! afterwards, we went to Eaton to get some stationaries. Good god, the lines was too long at the cashier, i wanted to cry!! and the only thing i got was 2 small exercise book!! D,8 life. then since my friends wanted to check up on something, i head to Kaison by myself and have a look see 8D I LOVE KAISON!!! all the cute stuff there!! i swear the little girl in me was screaming in delight everytime i went there... wait... i'm not suppose to say that //cough// .... PICTURES!!!

there was this extremely cute pencil case with retarded cats that has a "miu miu" speech bubble and a polka dot design on it. OMG!! i really had to fight myself from getting it!!! 8,D since i already have a pencil case. IT WAS BLOODY ADORABLE DEMMIT!!!!

the mugs are extremely cute too!! TAT and quite cheap!! alas!! i don't drink hot beverages. so this was a confirmed pass. tempted to buy em and turn em into a pen stand tho hahaha me and my weird way of doing things.

LOOK AT ALL THESE LOVELIES BELOW!!! i was spazzing infront of this tin canned boxes section like crazy!!! and was contemplating on getting 1 or 2! in the end, i decided to get myself the black box underneath this picture. was happy! 8,D

and then, after a final round of walking in this shop, something seriously caught my attention!! and i'm not even kidding. it was like a pang!! 1st love!!! and i know i just HAD to get em!!!! and i'm talking about these baby!!!

RED WITH WHITE POLKA DOT NOTE BOOK. OH MY GOD. and to make it even more as a must get, there was only 3 left!!!!!! so i nagged 2 of em! wanted to get em all, but the 3rd one was ruined T_T sad. but i am happy with my purchase!!! cept for the front cover that had this cheesy quote about love or something /shivers/ well, being an art student, nothing is impossible eh? i can find a way to cover it up 8D artistically & creatively LOL

SO YEAH!! that was about it!! i can say i am a happy buyer with tired feet & shortness of breath hahaha. we head to the bus stop but decided i couldn't take it anymore, and called up my dad //cough// to pick me and all my friends up ORZ guess, i'm not really ready to be THAT independent yet ;___;

my phone is also dying on me now. i think i am dead set on getting myself an iPhone. might as well get myself a good phone since it's a long term kinda investment eh? : )


another thing i wanted to say, it's regarding the exam result. I know a lot has been asking me about what i get for my result, and i refused to tell. not because i have a very bad one nor am i stingy or smthng like that, but i just don't want people to have expectations you see. When we tell em our results, if it's more than awesome, their expectations will go sky rocketing high, and i really am afraid of that. let's just say i got me a good result last term, and if i told everybody about it, and this term somehow i got really low marks, i really am afraid of how ppl will judge me. hence, I only tell my results under 3 circumstances; 1- you are my parents (i won't even tell em if they didn't nag LOL), 2- i trust you as a friend, 3- for some complicated reason that i myself can't explain LOL and the occasional trick question that i always fall into. tsk.

conclusion, never EVER brag about your result. but if it's a good one, hey~ why not~ everybody deserves to be happy kan? : ) this is what i think is best for me, so do what you think is best for you! BE HAPPY!!!

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