Tuesday, May 4, 2010

guilty indulgence

yeah more satisfied than guilty tho!! so I was accompanying my friend kah rou some days ago. wasn't really planning to buy anything -during that time i mean- so just walk around when I saw this grey shoes!! it looks cool!!! would love to have 1 but kah rou pointed out some nicer one on the bottom shelves. I was totally in LOVE!!! my current palm shoes looks very pitiable u_u. there is a hole in the sole and forget about going out with it while it is raining!! O_O so I know i had to get it no matter what!!!

so I did~ 8D

bought in Cotton On for RM149.

I KNOW!!! T_T it is expensive! but I did try n call my parents to say about it, but they won't pick up the phone. so yeah. but I know they would understand since I am one of those people who really really have a hard time in finding any sorts of fashionable things -hence the repetitive clothing- but when I saw stuff that catches my eyes, BAM!!! it cost a fortune!!!!!!!

I won't say myself a fashionable and glamorous in the sense of fashioning myself up, but I think I have a quite decent sense of style. just that I don't use it much =_= ;

RIGHT!!! now should I go get the gray shoes or some denim pants? *rub chin*

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