Wednesday, May 5, 2010


literally !! XD just chopped of my hair today. wash and cut RM41. very good lah! 8D went to APT in Sunway Pyramid. this sister washed my hair 1st. she is so nice!! from Sarawak lagi tu! XD so we talked and she washed, and we talked. she shared some tips with me. very nice lah!! she said I shudn't have cut my hair short since my hair is very thick. So i was like... oh ok. maybe shoulder length then.

afterwards this hairstylist came. he is a dude. O_O anyways... that doesn't matter lah. so he asked me what I want. I told him I wanna cut it short!! then I request him to pick a style for me. 8D i always do this when I cut my hair. Let the hairstylist decide. let their creativity run free!!! SO he picked this nice short hairstyle for me, albeit what the kakak said about me not suitable to have short hair. so I was like... OK! go on with it!!! he keep asking me, "you sure ah? very sure ah?" of course I am sure!! I trust you!! it's your job ma!! HOR!!!!! so he snip away!!! 8D and the result..


yes ¬_¬ this pic does look like my friend. ISH!!! I DON'T CARE!!!! OAO

woohoo!! thanks Judy for accompanying my. ;D

also bought myself a new pair of jeans. ;D officially poor. hahaha!!!

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