Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello and we are a handful of special cases from Phenomena75. As of right now, we are opening commissions to raise funds for our college batch's Graduation Campaign. By commissioning the artists of your liking, you are helping us get closer to our goal. So, it would be the most awesome thing if you do! : D

p/s if you have no money to support us, we would be very happy if you can help us spread the news thank you!!



pencil sketch+full figure/half figure = $10

full color+half body = $15

full color+full figure = $20

color+full bg and everything = $50

**add extra $5 for extra character



[ Procedure.]

1. Send us an email with your name, character reference, artist of your choice and maybe a brief summary of the piece you wish to be drawn. We reply to all non-spam e-mail sent to the address we provided, if you do not hear from us for a week or more, please send it again as it means we never received it.

2. Upon requesting details/references, we will accept or MAYBE decline (most probably not) and give you the exact price.

3. If the price and details on the artwork is agreed to, we will provide payment information. we will begin the piece after full payment is received.

4. We will send you a screen-size version (jpeg) and a 300 DPI version of the piece. CONGRATULATION!! we hope you like the piece! 8D

6. No money back guarantee.

[ Terms.] The following are some basics you should know before sending in a request:

1. First come first serve basis.

2. We reserve the right to decline a request especially when it comes to mechas, anthro, or transformers thing or super detailed background

3. Nudity is negotiable. Explicit works are not.

4. We require full, upfront payment via Paypal only. BUT for Malaysians, bank-in money is accepted. The account number will be attached through the email after negotiation is done and picture of receipt are required before we start on the piece. We will only start the work after having received payment.

5. Artworks completion is based on the details of the piece and the artist themselves

6.Please ask the respective artist about mass commercial uses of the commission before doing anything with it. Highly advised to not use any of the commissions for personal profit.

7. We retain rights to the image, and are allowed to post any of the commissions in our gallery or portfolio website.

Thank you for your interest!


ARTIST INVOLVED *my batchmates
:heart:* check out their gallery ;D
one more artist will be updated soon. 3works here-->


so yes people!! ;w; we appreciate your support!! do check out the artists' gallery! they got some pretty neat stuff there! ;D

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