Friday, April 9, 2010

Dealing with difficult people

So I went to watch How to train your dragon again for the 3rd time! 8D in THREE DEE!!! 3D!! THREE DIMENSION!!!! HOMG! LOVE IT!!! thanks JN n Michelle for going along oso!

well afterwards, we went to the gardens mall, bought 14 styrofoam hands •_• and use some remaining times to sit in Borders. Can't really find anything interesting since I don't have enough money to buy anything anyway. So i sat down on the floor, next to a chair which has a sleeping Jia Ning on it •_____• . My eyes roamed the whole business section of borders (since I was sitting near the business & marketing section. reluctantly of course.) saw too many Warren Buffet related books on the shelves. Made me think back of the dreadful Becoming Young Warren Buffet talk, or whatever the talk was called ¬_¬. Then I saw 1 interesting book with very vibrant color compare to the rest on the shelves!

very interesting. I even laughed a bit at the title and some of the contains of the book since it reminded me of, a pretty similar situation. hahaha!

For example; there's this part of the book that explains the type of difficult people that may exist! Like...

"Patronizing people

People who make others feel belittled or unimportant because they think they are better than everyone else are actually arrogant and insensitive. Some patronizing people are expert name-droppers. This is usually their way of showing off, displaying that they are superior to everyone because of their connections. When you see through their behavior it usually becomes apparent that they are somewhat insecure and need this smoke-screen of self-importance.

However you are treated by a patronizing person (and it will feel a bit like being bullied), you should not take it personally. Many patronizing people behave this way either because they think they are superior as a result of having often been told so (maybe as a child), or because they need to feel they are above everyone else and are putting on an act. This behavior becomes a habit with them, and the way they come across to you is not a personal thing. They treat everybody like this. You need to look beyond how they are behaving towards you, and see how they are actually communicating generally."

some excerpt from the book that I took. there are other type of people too! like, angry people, demotivated people etc. very interesting. 8D

and another thing that i got from the book is a saying by Martin Luther King that goes;

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

hah~ interesting book i must say. So are you a difficult type?

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