Tuesday, April 6, 2010

w.i.p dragon

been neglecting this for awhile. need to pick up the pace and finish it!!! ... after other more important works are done T_T *sigh*

How to train your dragon! AMAZING ANIMATION!! worth every penny you pay! trust me ;D grab a ticket today!!! well maybe tomorrow~

while researching on this superb animation, I am 100 percent sure there will be an artbook. and I was right! I'd kill to have this baby!!

-screenshots some are taken from Parkablog . check it out.-

can't believe I'm saying this, but dragons are EXTREMELY COOL!!!!!!! fell madly in love with Night Fury's design and characteristics!! and other dragons too!! like... the rainbow colored one! can't rmmbr the name tho. OH!! rmmbr the Hideous Zippleback? XD the last picture up there? the one where it got 2 heads, one can breath out gas and the other sparks out fire? it's amazing! brilliant!! 8D I'd kill to work with these people TxT

OH!!! and do drop by DreamworksAnimation youtube channel for amazing insights from the creator of this masterpiece! yes, down to the author who started it all!!

YEAP!!! 8D

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