Saturday, April 3, 2010


was browsing through some web, and saw this. amazing! the music is nice too D:

painting was titled Incarnation by Mark Ryden. Sold at the price of $800,000. it is amazing! I love surreal painting. this piece blew my mind away! I wonder what it meant? A girl wish to be incarnated with meat as part of her body because she couldn't indulge herself in the previous life? LOL! 8D i dunno!!!

but this kind of video intrigues me. Its nice to see the process of making great things.

I feel inspired.

so I checked him out. Mark Ryden . 8D saw a section in his web where he features all his bloody painting and by bloody, i meant really bloody... I've got this thing for blood. *wink*

the last picture. hmm. I remembered I came across it somewhere before. just can't put my fingers on it. but oh well. AMAZING WORKS once again.

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