Thursday, April 15, 2010


runny nose. so frustrating. sore throat and I sounded like a guy =_=. and plenty amount of phlegm 8D omg I am disgusting. ¬_¬ anyways!!! *cough* did this today. I was bored. so i went to find some pictures and draw it out. it's a portrait!! omg! ignore the thinking bubble. I have no idea what to put =_= haish. oh well.

tools: photoshopCS4
time: less than 2 hours

ah~ it's time to refine my portfolio. I don't think I am able to go to the committee outing today T_________T i wanna go!! but I don't want anybody to get affected by my virus D: *sniff* I guess flash work for me then today.


outing was cancelled. oh well~

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