Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am incredibly bored =A= suppose to be be doing work. but really, lethargy washes over me. (is that even grammatically correct? *shrugs*)

SO ANYWAY!!! today I am gonna share a new -well not really- band that I am currently head over heels with!!

THE XX!!! yes!! and since I am to lazy to even type my own personal description, I am gonna control + paste 8D ehe~~~

The xx are a three-piece indie rock band from Wandsworth, south west London, England, formed in 2005. The xx was originally a four-piece band, but keyboardist Baria Qureshi left the group in late 2009.

The group's debut album, xx, was met with critical acclaim, achieving a rating of "Universal acclaim" on Metacritic. Furthermore the album ranked well on "best of the year" lists, placing at #9 and #2 with Rolling Stone and NME respectively. The band placed at #6 in the 2009 NME The Future 50 list and in October 2009, they were named one of MTV Iggy's "Top 10 Bands with Buzz" (at the CMJ Music Marathon 2009). - wikipedia

¬_¬ i just don't fancy wiki man. BUT the main point here is, THE XX is AWESOME!!! their 1st debut album is perfect! their music sort of brings this chilly, relaxing and will make you nod your head to the rhythm kinda thing! The singers have a very different air about em. I just don't know how to explain it!! you just got to listen to them yourself!!! gonna share some of em with you.

what do you think?! 8D trust me on this!! those 3 are some of my favs!!! ;D YEAP!!!! enjoy!!

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