Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You can dream yes?

I was seriously bored today. don't feel like doing anything, lazing around rotting away... but then a brilliant idea came up!! well maybe it's not really brilliant, but good enough for me to indulge in rather than lying on my bed like a dead body.

Went to some peoples blog. their trips and journeys. so fun. •___• yet here I am, bored as hell. what i feel like doing now?

1- go on a trip myself. ANYWHERE. anywhere but here.
2- go on a trip with family! ANYWHERE but here. most preferably some place where the temperature has the ability to drop more than 0Âșc ¬_¬. i'm currently bored and sweating now. great.
3- I wanna go japan. and korea... asian country is always the best no? *wink*
4- migrate there immediately ¬_¬ i wish. pfft.
5- learn korean language? maybe. or maybe japanese? I seriously have the urge to learn other languages!!!! SERIOUSLY!! TAT just that got no chance to do it yet. maybe after everything is over?
6- I wanna eat pasta and salmon sushi now. really.
7- Learn animation •____• 2D, 3D... both sounds interesting.
8- feel like rolling around in the snow and autumn's leaves. this is in my dreams-that-seriously-have-to-be-achieved list. seriously.
9- improve my drawing skill. but currently feeling lazy to open photoshop. ugh.
10- choco banana parfait. •_•
11- i wanna go somewhere where carrying a camera is a necessity =_=

well actually I'm just bored!! people can dream no? ;D

and try to achieve it.

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