Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE ART OF How to train your dragon

TODAY, is my lucky day!!!! I was on my way to class when I pass by this booth/stall selling all those design and art related books. Wasn't really interested at 1st since I seldom buy from them (insanely expensive) and i was rushing. but from the corner of my eyes, i saw this big bold red text that seems kinda familiar. So I stop and glance to my left. and HOMGWTFBBQAYAMKARI. it's its... THE ART OF HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON BOOK!!

I swear I was about to jump in glee like a crazy person there, but since i was in public, and this freaky security guard was lookin' so I didn't. It was RM120 ¬_¬ expensive, so I tried bargaining. fine, got it for RM10 less ¬_¬ sigh. but I'm happy since it was the last book!! 8D yipeee!!!


when this big dude appear I was all excited!! homg homg. I can still picture the scene in my head!

more concept arts~ I love!

and this... this must be one of my most favourite page from the book. I can really feel this picture. *wipe tears*

I have yet to look and read the book thoroughly but I will! every single words every little details.

I am happy.

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