Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me dear dear friend Saku-saku. TwT i hope the present was ok. XD and i hope that woman really took of the price tag. if not... ¬_¬ i'll curse her. cis.

so we went to this karaoke place in Mont Kiara there. My 1st time!! seriously! as in 1st time karaoke-ing. can't rmmbr what song i sang. I do rmmbr some High School Musical ones tho. *rub chin* OH!! can't believe saku got herself a boyfriend!!! HAAHAHAHA!! i thought any guys who went close enough to her will get kicked off by reryu or something XD bwahahaha!!! lucky guy.


I'm still single ¬_¬ bedebah.

ANYWAYS!!! I wanted to draw something T___T but couldn't find a time for it. ah. so I guess it's ok to upload some... hidden works/scraps... etc. for my own documentation!! since there's no karaoke session pictures yet. (i'll wait for my friends' mom to put on fb 1st. then just grab from there *grin*)

-ugh...a work that didn't turn out how i want it to be. no wonder it's inside my scraps folder-

-typical drawing of a girl. was trying to draw hair in the most convenient way fer me. but yeah..-

-seems a bit out of place XD but... that is my lecturer LOL!!! he really look like that!!-

ah~ i wish i can do several new pieces. still yet to have done this collab thing with a friend of mine. T_T where did all my time went to?!! *pulls hair off*

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