Sunday, March 7, 2010

for you Kah Rou

finally it's finished. having a rough time taking a nap lately because of the excitement in finishing new piece of work. orz. so here goes.

a extremely belated birthday present for my friend ChiaKahRou late for how many years i wonder. HAHAHAHA xD sketched it out for her last year, but I end up doing a new version of it this year. wow. really different drawing style O_O see!!

had fun researching on the guy's back. 8D tho i still can't color the shadows/muscles quite right T_T *cough*

tool: photoshopCS4
time: 2-3 days on and off

this piece is created for my friend. so you can use it in any way u wan karo -3-/


next piece I think i will focus more on creating backgrounds!! YES!

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