Monday, March 1, 2010

kimi ni todoke. again.

OK!!! double post on Kimi Ni Todoke!!! but now you can really see how big a fan I am!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHHA!!!!!!!

So I was watching the anime (HD version to boot 8D) and there's this one scene that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!!! SCREENSHOTS!!!!!!!

Sawako rarely smiles!!!!! but when she does, she looks really pretty. *wipe tears* I was really touched by this! I like it how the animator made an effort to make the scene where Sawako is smiling, to look a bit like watercolor effect like. It is gorgeous!!!!! not like those cheap anime out there. aahh~ it's perfect!!!

Kazehaya's face HAHA!! he really likes her don't he? awww~ he wants Sawako's smile for himself! LOL!!!

VERY SWEET AAAHHHH!!! this anime is created for me!! I KNOW IT!!!!

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